Sunday, May 9, 2010
Washington Shonen Jump Top 8
This post will be edited as more info comes in.

1. Max Grahnet (Females/Medical)
2. Daniel Collens (Taijutsu)
3. Thomas Cao (Animals)
4. Jerry Balentuangin (Taijutsu)
5. Amir Abboushi (Monofire)
6. Gersain Perez (Females/Medical)
7. Casey Strong (Monowater)
8. Destin Earsery (Unknown)

Credit and thanks to Joe Colon for the updates.

Now I know why Jerry said "You think Taijutsu is bad? *laughs* Oh man..." in our interview. It was a segment that got cut from the Bandai article. Very impressive~

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Anonymous ross134 said...
I believe the only reason Destin's Deck is unknown, is because he is a teammate of Joe's and is perfectly willing to give out other's decks but not his friends. Seems a bit unfair, but whatever.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Joe is on Team Chicago???

News to me.

Cao is playing medical/Animals is what I heard.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
No he's using unknowns
what a pro!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like that female support is paying off ^_^

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I thought the perfect curve advocated females without rules.

I mean all along I've known with decent luck that the only deck that can beat female medical is mental power.

Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
Without rules? You mean the mission?

You misunderstand. Female/Medicals means the deck wins by either Shizune & Tonton Platoon + Tsunade Presence, SakuHina [Ladies First], or Medical Ninja.

It's essentially the modern day tempo. These are the only 3 reliable ways to score 4~6 BRs in a turn guaranteed.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Rules is better than medical ninja, because females have such an incrdibly terrible early game, getting 4 brs before turn 3 or 4 is way too hard.

Plus handicap is better than presence since presence loses her effect when the opponent has enough turn 3+ ninjas, but handicap always wins brs even late game.

And I meant the post a month of two ago where you said you were testing female decks, but without medical.

Anonymous Megamarik said...
^To the above poster:

Medical Ninja is a win condition. Rules is only good for a long-term game.

Presence > Handicap. Your argument is invalid; you could say the same fallacy towards Shikamaru Unwillingness.


Anonymous Megamarik said...
^To the above poster:

Medical Ninja > Rules. Rules is a late-term card; it's much more defensive. Medical Ninja is a win condition card.

Presence > Handicap. Your argument is invalid; you could use the same fallacy with Shikamaru Unwillingness.

Blogger Zero said...
Rules is strictly worse than Medical Ninja, as Medical Ninja wins 4-6 BRs in most match ups. Handicap is worse than Presence because you are trying to avoid your opponents teams, not over power them.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I believe Max's medical build didnt use Medical Ninja just 3 Rules

Anonymous Anonymous said...
And medical ninja may get you 4-6 brs, but that's not a win condition.

You have to have hit shizune&tonton, which is the win condition, for medical ninja to even be good.

So you didn't even need medical ninja in the first place, because you already hit shizune&tonton to win the game.

In a female medical deck, unless you are really lucky, you won't have 2 brs ( let alone 4 ) by the time turn 3 hits.

So its not a win condition.

But shizune/tonton + tsunade handicap + 1 rules + 1 bad dream + jutsu is unbeatable for anything except mental power.

With rules eating even just one br, you significantly reduce the chance they can swing 3 teams and get past your big team with tsunade + shizune to take the last brs they need.

Rules covers the weakness of female medical decks, medical ninja doesn't.

It's an inconsistent card that relies on field presence... But having good field presence is enough of a win condition in of itself.

And if you have handicap, even if they block you are still winning the game with a draw + br, so at worst its still as good as presence.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Actually I think that was a bad way of explaining it.

Lemme try this explanantion.

Medical Ninja:

Hit or miss card.

If you hit shizune/tonton , you are in business, and you will prolly win with this card.

If you don't hit shizune/tonton, then the card becomes a liability to play. If you swing with 3 weak teams, you may get a few BRs, but you will just get counterattacked hard.

So in essence, its becomes almost a dead card if you miss.


Helps guarantee a win if you hit shizune/tonton.

If you don't hit shizune/tonton, it is still helpful, it still has great effects if you have 3 medical ninjas in play ( even if they are just ino, rin, kabuto, sakura, hana etc. ).

No drawback as long as you play enough different medical ninjas to curve to it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
everytime I played medical ninja at the SJC I won. >.>

There was a game where I had 9 BRs and nothing but even ninjas on the field and my opponent plays Secret Meeting calling Odds and plays kisame (his only odd). I top deck a kabuto and fetch medical ninja.

Its really hard to not get shizune tonton. The only way I can think of is if they play heart to heart or crying in vain or something and there are sideboard cards for that. Medical rush will win

Anonymous Megamarik said...
You said that Medical Ninja is a hit or miss card; you realize, so is Rules, right? You need just as many Medical ninjas, if not more, for Rules to work well.

The only time Medical Ninja is not good is against the mirror.

If you hit Shizune/TonTon, Medical Ninja > Rules. You plan to win the game soon if you hit Shizune/TonTon - You just busted out 2 huge ninjas. You shouldn't give your opponent time to catch up.

There is no drawback for Medical Ninja either "if you draw enough different medical ninjas."

If you miss, Rules and Medical Ninja are both dead cards, and you are going to lose anyway.

Blogger Zero said...
What megamarik said. Id rather have a win 4-6 BRs button that triggers off of 2-3 ninja as opposed to a card that doesnt do anything relevant unless I have 3+ ninja.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
also, if your playing rules where medical ninja would be, Picture book is crushing. At least Medical is instant

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