Friday, May 7, 2010
Finalizing Plans for Georgia
It's been a busy week, filled with not one but TWO jobs to work, an article to publish (which I'll get to in a second), and paying visits to friends since I haven't shown my face in a while... plus my father's birthday (which means Iron Man 2 tonight).

So yeah, sorry for the general lack of updates guys and gals. But for now I'd like to talk about Shonen Jump Championships, specifically Washington and Georgia.

SJC Washington is this weekend I believe. Good luck to whoever is going. Even more good luck to the members of Josh and Alper's group in attendance. Snag us a win, will ya? I'm expecting the field to be predominantly Fire and Water.

I would love to place my bets on Wind for the win but with the Naruto & Hinata nerf, Wind has a tough time dealing with Water without mainboarding key cards like Picture Book and Wind Scythe to stand a chance, things that may or may not be bad vs. the other matchups and thus cause them to lose synergy. For Wind to win in Washington, it'll require a good read of the field and assess whether the field will be largely Water or largely Fire. Fire obviously can do solid with the Chidori route but I think what really gives the edge to certain Fire decks in the mirror is 2K Barrage. Some people think I'm clowning around here but if you think about it, it makes sense. Naruto Uzumaki is in every deck now a days in some shape or form and he has clone status. It's very easy to insert a colorless jutsu like 2K Barrage and blow someone out of the Water on turn 2 or 3, causing an early game loss. People like J.D. (from Jersey, not Cali) where running this back in New Jersey and others did in New York, snagging early wins left and right. Solid piece of tech, just like it always has been. Water doesn't really need much to win aside from having the right hand for the right situation. Hiding gives it a huge advantage vs. Wind. All that's really necessary is just hoping your opponent isn't holding the Picture Book hate and just hold your Jutsu for when they're necessary. I see so many people who are over eager to cast Water Dragon in non-game winning situations, to get a simple victory or outstanding victory. Be smarter than that.

On the list of things left to finalize, the ATF Chunin. Haven't been there in over a month since they canceled the local so I have no update on that. Expect it some time shortly after the Georgia Shonen Jump. If someone like MJM wishes to contact them and get the ball rolling, that's fine.

Now for the subject of Georgia. At the moment it is Andrew, Nick (Shino's Dad), and myself going. I know Squee expressed interest in going with us but we don't know the mode of transportation yet. Our choices are train or airplane. Train is a 16 hour trip in a car with a table which means plenty of time and space for play testing on the way down. Andrew is all for this one. Nick seems to be in the middle. For plane, it's a 2 and 1/2 hour flight in coach, which as you know is extremely cramped. My preferred method as it means we get there faster, we can arrive at Gary's (VSA) house and start testing/practicing with him sooner. Now you may be asking the price... for me? It doesn't matter. I have enough miles from my family's previous travels that I can go for free either way. But seriously, according to my sister, the difference in price is something like $10. So is $10 more worth the airplane trip? You guys tell me which method you'd prefer.

Also, there's the subject of the actual train for Nick too. He wants us to time it so we jump on the same exact train as him, which means we have to time it right. Otherwise, Andrew and I both take a different train than him and it kills our whole plan. It might cost more for Nick to do the alternate was he takes a train to Philly, then buys a train to Georgia and we meet him there and hop on a train there. It just seems to me the airplane wins out but again, you guys tell me what you think is the best plan.

On the subject of this month's Bandai articles: I tried once again to give you all an interesting topic. I like to be innovative because doing the same stuff over and over again is boring. This month we'll be visiting the tier 2 decks that don't quite make it to the top tables but I always see people playing at Chunins, hoping to make them a winner. The goal of the articles is actually just that: Designing a winner. Today's article will focus on the Byakugan deck arch-type, where it's been, what tools it has, and what it really needs to shine and be the deck everyone really wants it to be: The Strongest in the Leaf. It's a little long winded but I hope it conveys my point...and I hope you enjoy it enough and give me some feedback on how I can make part two even better for all of you.

Alright, I gotta go now and hop in the shower. I have paperwork to go and file, stops to be made, and people to meet.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I don't know why you would play 2k barrage.

Sharingan Kunai is consistent, has more users, and fits fire decks better than 2k barrage.

Besides the fact that there is no great naruto in block format right now.

CoP is the best naruto, and moving will be great once set 17 hits, but as of now, there is no good naruto.

Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
Did you forget Guard of the Prince? Michiru is one of the best draw sources in Block.

Blogger Zero said...
Just so you know pat, round trip plane to GA in around 200. Round trip train is wayyyyyy cheaper.

Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
Going based off of my sister's flight info to Georgia last year. She said it was roughly $150~160 round trip. Train is like ~$140 from what I've heard.

Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
Okay train might be the winner simply because we can take a train at like 6 PM on Thursday night and get in at like 9 AM on Friday morning for $133 a person. Sounds really good to me!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Puppets is still broke and should win. I dont really expect quality results from WA except for what Jerry is playing and potentially Chicago.

Anonymous Lady said...
I like trains. XP

Good luck to you all in WA. :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Guard of the prince naruto is subpar.

Michiru is just simply too slow, and the cost of a chakra late game when you need chakra can hurt.

Let's not forget it also takes a slow in your deck to play him, which could be filled with much more useful cards.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
*takes a card in your deck

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Rotationneiji Here:

Don't be surprised to see a Kunoichi build in the running, and maybe even top.

With Sakura [guard of the prince] being able to find the client Chiraka, Hinata [moving], sakura/hinata squad combo with Sakura's Decision, and a veritable lock down with Bad Dream/SakuraTsunade squad...The deck has a LOT of potential and people generally aren't ready for it.

oh, and don't foregt Kurenai and Yakumo for General Douchebaggery...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yay for 3am typo

Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
@RotationNeji: I'm not. I certainly hope it tops in fact...otherwise what on earth did I send a ton of female support all the way across the country for? *wink wink*

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