Friday, May 14, 2010
... Wind week was absolutely terrible.


- Consider yourselves on notice, chaps.


Tsu Kiyo Me: Wind week sucks.
Final Valkyrie: I believe you're mistaken.
Tsu Kiyo Me: Don't gimme that.
Tsu Kiyo Me: You been smoochin' with everybody!
Tsu Kiyo Me: Snuffy
Tsu Kiyo Me: Al
Tsu Kiyo Me: Leo
Tsu Kiyo Me: Little Moe with the gimpy leg
Tsu Kiyo Me: Cheeks
Tsu Kiyo Me: Boney Bob
Tsu Kiyo Me: Cliff...
Final Valkyrie: What are you smoking?
Tsu Kiyo Me: I could go on forever, baby!
Final Valkyrie: This is why I dont talk to you often >_>
Final Valkyrie: Well that and you just walk away from your computer all the time without telling me, or something.
Tsu Kiyo Me: Oh. All right.
Tsu Kiyo Me: I believe you.
Tsu Kiyo Me: But my Tommy gun don't!
Tsu Kiyo Me: Get down on your knees and tell me you love me.
Final Valkyrie: 1...
Final Valkyrie: 2...
Final Valkyrie: 10!
Tsu Kiyo Me: *shoots you*
Final Valkyrie: *ninjas out of way*
Tsu Kiyo Me: Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal
Tsu Kiyo Me: And a happy New Year
Tsu Kiyo Me: *shoots you again*
Tsu Kiyo Me: ... Wind being sh**** makes you do crazy things.
Tsu Kiyo Me: Let's just quit Naruto together
Tsu Kiyo Me: Only 2 months until BlazBlue
Final Valkyrie: Well when i win the Sannin with Kunoichis, I'll shoot you
Tsu Kiyo Me: ^_^
Final Valkyrie: I feel like taking it seriously this year
Final Valkyrie: I have a recorder
Final Valkyrie: Specifically made for when I play Naruto
Final Valkyrie: before we start
Final Valkyrie: I hit the button and it says
Final Valkyrie: The Wheel of fate is turning... rebel 1... action!
Final Valkyrie: And the same for Rebel 2
Final Valkyrie: But not Rebel 3
Final Valkyrie: Cuz I 2-0.
Tsu Kiyo Me: Pro-Noel stuff right here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
"You're wrong!"

-Arngrim, Valkyrie Profile

Anonymous canti said...
I need to play some blaz and ssf4 with tsu. are you on the 360??

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well obviously females got a few nice cards.

But for mono-wind, the cards in wind week have been absolutely terrible.

Anonymous RotationNeiji said...

thanks to you, i'm going to have to go watch the "Home Alone" movies again.

........god damn it....

Anonymous Megamarik said...

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