Thursday, April 1, 2010
"We'll Never Win Like This. . .Time to Change Tactics"
So after "Naruto Shippuden Live!" last night, we previewed "Hidan (Curse Mode)" for you all. And after debating the previews we had seen last night on Skype, the entire chat was divided. On one hand, Nick Botchis and I very much liked the new Kakashi preview, but Andrew wouldn't have it. So, having been tired of putting up with his BS so much, I decided that was the final straw.

After he left for the night, I decided I'm done with this game. No matter what I do, I can't appease Andrew and any suggestions just get torn down and ripped to shreds. I called Nick back on his cell phone after he left Dairy Queen and we talked for a bit about what to do about the situation. He suggested we just quit the Naruto CCG all together and switch to something else for the time being. Given our love for Pokemon and we used to play the CCG at one point, we decided we'll start playing that again instead of Naruto.

So we decided to reshift the focus of "The Perfect Curve" to what you see now. The site is a work in progress, but we'll get there. Josh is still on board, largely due in part to the new Ban List that Bandai put up (a further reason to quit the damn game), but as you can see due to irreconcilable differences, Andrew Kardis is no longer part of our writing staff, instead replaced by Nick Botchis (Shino's Dad). So I hope you enjoyed the previews while they lasted. The last preview I'll probably hand off to the CT Crew Boards tonight since I have no interest.

To get things started though and on topic, I'm debating what deck to play for this upcoming season. I found this one online and think it's pretty solid. Any input is appreciated:

Pokemon: (23)
4-3-2-1 Gardevoir Lv.X (SW)
1 Gallade (SW)
1-1 Luxray GL Lv.X (RR)
1-1 Slowking (GS)
1-1 Gyarados (MT)
1-1 Claydol (GE)
1 Chatot (MD)
1 Uxie (LA)
1 Azelf (LA)
1 Unown G (GE)

T/S/S: (23)
4 Roseanne’s Research
3 Bebe’s Search
3 Pokemon Communication
2 Pokemon Collector
4 Rare Candy
2 Expert Belt
1 Luxury Ball
1 Warp Point
1 Night Maintenance
1 Moonlight Stadium
1 Broken Time-Space

Energy: (14)
3 Call Energy
3 Double Colorless Energy
1 Rainbow Energy
5 Psychic Energy
1 Fighting Energy
1 Lightning Energy

I tried to ask Josh for help, but he's only interested in playing Unlimited, as you can see below.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
The gyarados with no magicarp was a great touch.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I love how far you guys are going. VERY entertaining. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...
That Deck is straight up trash, proof that you are bad at every game you play.

Blogger Zero said...
What thomas said.

Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
Care to wager a bet on that Thomas? $50 says I can beat you at a game of my choice. I'll even do it while we're in Indy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Top an event then we can talk, k?

But im down to beat you in pokemon if you want?

Blogger Zero said...
Tom, he said a game of HIS choice. Inbeforeblazblue.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
I know, and thats retarded. Why the fuck would I agree to that?

Also Game = Card Game.

Also, he could pick a card game, and hes probably trash at it, but it doesnt mean im any better. So the offer stands at pokemon.

Blogger Josh said...
Andrew, just because you're bitter about getting kicked off the staff... it doesn't mean you have to side with a guy who's a walking April Fools' joke.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Whats that Josh? Does this need to go up on a certain website *cough*678-761-44*cough* Well we can just keep the last two digits to myself, cause im that nice.

Blogger Josh said...
Whose phone number is that?

Anonymous Mike Alpers said...
Haha I love that he threw out an Atlanta, Georgia area code when we are in Cali.

P.S. the deck needs more Tobi ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wait, is this the right one? 650-575-2068

Getting my trollinz numberz confuzzeled.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh shit quad post, my baddd....

Blogger Josh said...
Whose phone number is that?

I think that's Laurent's LOL

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone wanna play pokemon for money at gencon? Im down...You can proxy decks too, just make sure they are legal.

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