Friday, April 30, 2010
Sitting Around the Office...
Over here at the Perfect Curve, we try our best to bring you guys great content with a little bit of personality mixed in on the side. The problem is... well... when there's no content and I'm the only personality that isn't busy... well then the website is pretty much just me. Andrew has his "Magic Pro Tour" season to worry about and Josh is off being Josh I guess.

Well let me rephrase things. There is content. This is the part where I could talk about how boss that new Shikamaru is for Earth Decks but I can't because Andrew has his new weekly "review" entry. . . so that's out the window.

So I'm basically just sitting here, tossing darts at the dart board wondering what to write about... eating this delicious cinnamon raisin bagel. Toasted with cream cheese by the way. Kinda tired. Was up until 3 AM last night talking to Gary (VSA), Nick Botchis (Shino's Dad), and Tylar (Hungry Ninja) about nothing in general and I was expressing this same sense of emptiness for the game right now... there's just nothing going on besides previews. Anyone else agree? It's like we've all just opened the door expecting some amazing stuff only to be greeted with

The Void


void. . .

*stares around blankly*

Yeah it's kind of like that. Or like that one time when you were a kid and no one was home to hang out with but your friend's mom was like "Well s/he'll be back at 5 PM." And you sat there on the porch throwing stones or twiddling your fingers waiting for someone, anyone to show up.

It's almost a lot like madness when you think about it. I have a method to mine by the way, thanks for asking.

So . . . I guess I'll talk about my wish list for Will of Fire now:
-Good offensive jutsu for Wind. Not something uber broken but something decent... at least better than Knockout Blow. Hell I'd take a Knockout Blow for the same cost if it didn't have the requirement... or change it to turn cost 3 or higher.

-Good draw mission for Earth. I could play the Wind/Earth hybrid if there were good Earth missions.

-Better Earth early game. Other reason I couldn't play Yamato was because the element count didn't allow for him to be relevant all the time.

-First Hokage. Oh wait we already got that one.

-Tsunade. A good one. That doesn't suck.

-Some pretty boss mission negation for Wind and/or Earth. No, that turn 3 Earth Counter Mission is not good mission negation.

-To top an event with my deck name being "Mademoiselle Han's Purple Escort Service"

And that about covers it. Expect my interview with Jerry Balentuangin, the Sannin of '08, posted later today on Bandai.

Question of the Day (QOTD): What would you guys like to see in the Month of May for "Teach Me Professor Tsu Kiyo Me!"?

You can leave your answers in the comments below... if I like a subject I might actually use it!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
you should do a series on the sub par 4 so cao can get his wish and be interviewed...

or just in general more interviews...

the elite 4 articles were quite entertaining

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