Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Question of the Day: How do you pick yourself up when you're down?
So I decided rather than a full fledged article today I'd just ask you guys the following question:

When you're down, how do you pick yourself back up? Since SSF4 came out, I've been having a lot of fun but I'm finding that picking up a new character is a hell of lot more frustrating and difficult than I anticipated. I'm finding myself completely vulnerable, not knowing what to do and being easily beaten...

... and I'm not used to losing. Hahaha.

So after going a solid 3-20 against a skilled opponent last night, I was getting pretty down on myself. "Maybe Juri isn't the character for me." "What am I doing wrong?" "Perhaps I should just quit." "Alright that's it I'm gonna drop her... but those pants are so awesome!!!"

I was sounding very defeatist, much like I do sometimes in Naruto when the going gets tough. I know I need to take a step back and just refocus and all... perhaps get more practice in and such. But I just couldn't no matter how hard I tried last night. So I ask you, fellow readers, what do you do when things aren't going your way?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
first of all, please remember that it's just a game. You shouldn't lose control your emotions THAT much. Believe me, I used to let it happen, and it was bad. I would get pissed off when my K/D spread in COD 4 was terrible that day. My whole day would be ruined. I later realized that it just wasn't worth it. Instead of being upset and defeatist, realize that some people are better than you, and you just need to practice to become better than them. Getting upset at the game won't make you better. It will make you make silly mistakes, and play too aggressive (which will make you even more upset).

Second of all, just take a step back, and take a break until you feel normal. Just let all the bad feelings disappear or whatever, and just relax.

Then you can go about testing characters and seeing who you work well with. I mean, they did completely rebalance every character in the game. Then, when you are losing with a character, please realize you are just learning how to use the character. It is the same concept in COD. Whenever I unlocked a new weapon, I would suck with it at first, because it would be very different to my other weapon. But after getting used to the change, I would be good again.

Good luck, and maybe I will buy the game sometime. I suck at fighting games though. Do you play any other games (Fifa, Madden, cod, etc.)???

Anonymous Anonymous said...
When I start sucking at MW2 stress starts to build up. You gotta release that stress by either yelling or doing something that requires you to be very active. I yell a lot when i play MW2. It helps a lot. You also gotta learn how to go with any kind of momentum you pick up. When i get a killstreak going you better stop me early or it will be almost extremely difficult later.

Anonymous kirby said...
This reminds me of the last chunnin when team Chicago come to robins nest
the very first round,all of team Chicago members won and all of our locals lost
so depressing
none of our locals top
2 chunnin ago i top 8 and all the rest were team chicago members,but this chunnin some other outsider top'd 8 and then in top 4 they all just decided to split the prizing and not play

anyways,this was so depressing
not only that but i also lost a one game to a really bad local ( which was almost equally as depressing)

anyways,i learned quite a lot from team chicago that day
and i wonder if i'd learn that much if i had won the chunnin(which i would have never done but just thinking...)

anyways,you should learn from people who are beating you,and with video games,practice makes perfect more so then card games

also MW2 sucks >_>

Anonymous Anonymous said...
But what happens if you never lose??????

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Whack it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
@ TV

you get to create cards and get huge 1099 tax forms from bandai

Anonymous Anonymous said...
yea mine was like 700 something this year. I think I lost it though


Blogger Zero said...
When I start losing in card games or video games, I generally take a break from whatever it is for a short while. When I return I try to rework my strategy and check the results if I find myself getting nowhere I determine that either the deck/character sucks, or it just doesn't work with my playstyle, and then I move on to something else.

Anonymous Lady said...
I like to tend to my plants when I'm depressed about something, sometimes I just read a good chapter of a book or two. Anything to relax really, sitting outside for hours just feeling the wind is also another way for me to cheer up. ^ ^

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