Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Just Like That Hero

This card is going to be the best card in the game or completely unusable. There are so many combos with it... Reunion + itself, NVS, Reaper Death Seal, or just get it and your best cards so you can keep on doing it over and over again.

Time to get thinking.



Anonymous Anonymous said...
JLTH+reuion is bad unless you can for sure win after that combo,because you go to one or two cards in deck

and even if it does become the best card,people will run cards like naruto DC or other little mills


Anonymous Anonymous said...
I think whats better is Just Like that Hero and Giant Eagle. It allows you to essentially search for that one card that can give you the autowin.

Also, because your discard pile cannot be affected by effects due to giant eagle, reaper death seal would give your opponent 0 battle rewards.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Let's not forget about emina now back at 3.

The card is way too broken...

Not even going to mention how to abuse it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I suddenly dont feel so bad about selling my TOWLWs to troll and toad since this is way better for CL.

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