Sunday, April 4, 2010
Happy Easter!!!
So today was Easter.

And it was good.

Except I got neither Peeps nor Cadbury Easter Eggs.

I'm very sad.

Things that are grinding my gears atm:

-"Article Flub" this week where I'm behind by a bit because of the coordination that goes into it. Rest assured, I'll try to make sure to put out 2 this week. Just gotta get a hold of Stephen Garrett early.

-Shino's Dad. Where are you? You not having Skype means we can't discuss metagame stuff. Or just random dumb things in general. :(

-Thomas Veazie. <3 you Tom~tom~ :3

-No Peeps. Still.

-Super Street Fighter 4 not being released.

-Amir. Nuff said.

-The distinct lack of any events for the Naruto CCG in the next 2~3 months, meaning that we have to get creative with our blog posts. I'm thinking of just writing a walkthrough for "Brain Dead 13" as one of our blog posts because in all honesty, that game is awesome.

-People on Bandai who think Naruto/Hinata & Tobi aren't ban worthy. :/

As you can tell, I'm just kinda miserable and short with everyone. I still blame the lack of Peeps. That's like an Easter Staple!!! It's too cruel :(

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Peeps suck.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Awww, now you made me remeber that I didn't get any Peeps either :(
Shame on you using your blog to push your ideals about banning cards ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
go go name drop >.>


Anonymous Anonymous said...

any publicity is good publicity.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You dun liek Tobi because you don't use em. ;)


Anonymous Squee said...
Once Naruto starts banning cards it's a downward spiral into yugioh. Limit it or errata it to make it into shit... duh

Anonymous Jimmy said...
Aw, I didn't get any peeps either. D= *sad*

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