Thursday, April 15, 2010
The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly #2

The Good

Sai? What the hell happened? I go and complain that there are no good Sais and we get a good one. Complain about Naruto & Hinata and that gets errata'd too... starting to make me wonder if Bandai actually reads this blog! But no, clearly just a coincidence. We all knew a new Sai was coming this set and I was really surprised that A) This wasn't a Student Sai given his attire B) ... and it was good!

There's nothing much to say about this card. It's just all around solid. Setting up your draws every turn is a great way to get exactly what you need for turns 5 and more.

Also, the new Gurren Brigade cards are very good that were previewed over at Gurren is very very good but I don't see her as super busted like everyone seems to. 6/4 that can be an 8/2 or 4/6 is okay for a turn 5. The real strength of this card is Jonin + Water Dragon + "Valid: Jutsu played by this Ninja cannot be negated." That's scary stuff. The turn 2 is very good but I'm unsure as of yet how it will impact the game. Negating any Ninja effect is huge. So-so stat pool isn't.

The Bad

Sakura. More specifically, the Shonen Jump Sakura Haruno that comes with Naruto Manga #48, one of the three exclusive promos that you need to get the Shonen Jump Championship promo. The card text apparently was leaked on Bandai according to MJM and I was told the following was the effect of the card:

Sakura Haruno
Leaf | Female | Chunin | Medical | Growth | Mental Power: 3
[True Allies]
When this Ninja is deployed, you can discard a card. In that case, search your deck for 1 "Naruto Uzumaki" with [True Allies] effect, show it to your opponent, and place it in your hand. Then shuffle your deck.

During your Mission phase, if you have another Ninja with [True Allies] effect, you can discard 3 of your chakras. In that case, you may heal all of your injured Ninja or draw 1 card.

Now, as you can see, that card isn't so hot like the Naruto SJC Promo (which is moderately playable but nothing compared to the starter). The most interesting thing about this card is actually 3 fold:

1. The Artwork (<3 <3 <3)

2. It's a Turn 2 Sakura (WTF!?)

3. Its stat pool is 2/2 Healthy, 0/3 Injured. (Even more WTF!?!?)

So I don't know how to feel about this card. If I have to play a Sakura because of busted Squad effects, this might be my go to one just cause ADP is such a terrible start anymore and turn 3s are bad compared to what else it shares drops with... although the new Starter Deck one has peaked my interest quite a bit. But like always, I guess I'll just go back to calling Sakura "Lacking Lady" since she's well... you know... not as good as other drops. Which is a shame :(

In other news, Queen Bee also gets an honorable mention on the "Bad" list. 2/0 2/0 wasn't good when Sasori (Childhood) had it, why the hell would it be good on a no name Ninja? Yes, the effect is pretty awesome especially since it's valid but the turn 2 Water Ninja that was just previewed out classes it... and on top of that, every other 0 drop kicks this one's butt. Going down the list...

1. Shino may be 2 combat but spams out another Ninja to make up for it.
2. Kiba may be 2 combat but spams out another Ninja to make up for it.
3. Naruto promotes hand advantage and is 3 combat.
4. Hinata promotes hand advantage and while her stats suck, she's part of the best card in the game. Probably the only commonly played zero that's worse than the Bee.
5. Kakashi is 3 combat. Rolls over the Bee.
6. Rock Lee is 3 combat. Rolls over the Bee.
7. Sasuke is 3~4 combat. Rolls over the Bee.
8. Anko is 3 combat. Rolls over the Bee.
9. Haku is 2 combat but if he dies you get a beastly Jonin super early.
10. Konohamaru is 3 combat and allows you to not give up BRs
11. Messenger Ninja turns into a lot of awesome Ninja dudes and sets up for the turn 2 Draw 3.
12. Choji is 3 combat. Rolls over the Bee.

Did I miss anyone? Outside of Messenger Ninja (whose effect I'd use as soon as I put him into play) and Konohamaru, Bee doesn't do anything out to most of those Ninja who naturally are stronger than him or equal to him.. To negate a guy late game, you have to have crap-tac-ular team power. Go go Bee + Yakumo curve since that's the only way I think this will get there :/

... And The Ugly

People want this card banned or errata'd already. Seriously? It's not even out yet. And it's not even that broken, if at all. It's just incredibly solid. You have to realize that this card A) Only works in combo B) You reap no benefits from it until turn 5 C) You put yourself in a situation to auto-lose because of how close you are to decking out and finally D) Your opponent gets at least one turn to shut you down. Outside of the NVS combo that Josh posted, or just recycling things like Tobi, I don't really get the big deal. It's good, but not an "every deck" card. It's just very solid.

This same effect exists in other card games and guess what? It isn't broken there. Why all the hate?

If anything, all the hate should be on this Andrew CARDis guy...

I don't care what anyone says... he's a scrub and the notion that he's the main character just cause he has Card in his name is preposterous. Everyone really knows that there are tons of other more qualified main characters: Josh cause he's Asian, Tsu cause he's the "feel good" story of the century, Nick Botchis for your romantic comedy stories, Gaara_ for the kids, Thomas Veazie for the frat boy "STFU"/anti-hero type people, Mike Alpers for the teen heart throb/screaming girl groups, Joe Colon for people who like "The Classics", and Amir for the people who prefer substance over a story line or plot.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
ADP/sand messenger bird/Giant eagle/clouds would like to have a word with you...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Giatn Eagle doesnt let your discard pile be affected by your effects either... dont know how that would change JLTH but it may not let you put 5 cards back on top.

Gogo name drop.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
lol that's true
ok still 3 other cards that says i get to pick 5 cards out of my deck and put them to my hand

Anonymous Anonymous said...
This is the worst post you have ever made on the blog.

The Sai is just as bad as every other Sai.

His effect would be great... if he was a lower entrance cost.

turn 4 is so freaking slow, especially with fire being so fast in set 17.

The sakura may be bad ( which you got right ), but not noticing how the starter sakura will be the best 3 drop come 15-18 block is just noob man.

Just like that hero IS COMPLETELY BROKEN.

It doesn't require a combo.

All you have to do is make rasengan 3 of your 5 cards, and 1 being another copy of JLTH, and your final card could be emina for unlimited or whatever else for block.

Now you have 3 rasengans to play, and if any one gets through you win.

That is a game ending effect, period.

Anonymous bones13 said...
you think that sai is bad. you sir are crazy. games are getting slower in this format and even if they weren't i don't see games ending all the time before turn 5. Setting up your draws and BR's and such for the rest of the game is so ridiculously good. and as to your argument for JLTH well, i'm glad someone provided the noob side of the argument just to get it said.

Blogger Josh said...
I am the main character.

Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
Rigging your draws and BRs with Sai is fantastic. He's something akin to Sakura ADP only with good stats and probably a better timing window too.

I never said that the new turn 3 Starter Sakura is bad. In fact, I'm one of it's biggest fans. However, you have to admit it's very hard to squeeze her into tier 1 deck line ups when Kankuro, Ebizo, Salamander, Naruto, Jiraiya (Childood), Orochimaru (Childhood), Obito (lol), and more are all turn 3 Ninja that are just stellar. She is good on paper but as I said, in comparison, she might be "Lacking"

Not going to entertain the whole JLTH argument...okay maybe a little. So the top card of your deck is Rasengan. You swing out and play it on the block. They play Shark Bomb. Your guy gets removed. Awesome. I'm sure those other 2 Rasengans as your next draw are going to help. Or perhaps you rig it that way and then your opponent drops Medical Ninja on you next turn and swings out for 6 BRs. Or they board press and throw sheer jutsu power take your top 3 Cards as BRs. So how did you plan to Rasengan me off the board?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I said sakura is the best turn 3 "in the 15-18 block", when cards like kankuro and ebizo are gone. And when trigrams is gone, temari will no longer be a good turn 3.

Orochimaru and jiraya have hand costs, limiting them to only certain deck types, and obito is meh in anything other than a deck with sharingan kunai.

Just the fact that sakura helps you push for game on turn 3 means she will definitely be the best turn 3 for fire.

Since fire rush will be so strong, late game decks will struggle to do anything.

The game is speeding up for fire, slowing down for water, earth, and wind, and staying around turn 3,4 for lightning, with the additional win turns after you play JLTH.

You can play the other 2 rasengans pretty easily the next turn with one of your other users of it.
Last I checked there were 3 users of rasengan.

So if they only kill one of those users, then you still have 2 users left. Not to mention to you play the ninja that died again.

If the medical deck swings for 6 brs, you would probably lose anyways.

Its not like good players won't know a medical deck when they see it and play differently anyways.

If they have to play a jutsu to stop your rasengan, then they most likely won't have the jutsu to get 3 brs the next turn.

And its not like you can't be holding a jutsu in your hand in addition to the rasengan you just drew.

Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
I wasn't commenting on the Set 15-18 metagame. I was talking about ... you know... now. I'm a competitive player. I'm looking at what I can use to win GenCon and Shonen Jumps. I don't care about the next metagame (outside of trades) until its here.

You're assuming you have more than 1 Rasengan user. So is it fair for me to assume I have more than one Jutsu negation? I mean if you get to assume 3 cards, I get to assume 3 right?

Also notice the word "Or"... you're misunderstanding me. I didn't say "Negate the Jutsu and then swing for 3 BRs next turn." You play JLTH. I get a turn before you draw any cards off of that mission. Now I swing into you and use jutsu or missions to get around you and take your top 3 cards. Now you don't even get to draw a Rasengan to go for a game push.

Look, we can go back and forth all day with hypothetical situations. Let's agree to disagree. No card deserves a ban or errata until it comes out though unless it for sure destroys the game (Sealing Barrier).

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That's assuming the lightning player doesn't have tobi in hand, if they do they draw 2o f those rasengans.

And you are forgetting that the lightning player could already be hold jutsus in their hand.

How does lightning player having 3 rasengan users mean you have 3 jutsus?

The odds are highly in the favor of having rasengan users over negation unless you are playing 9 negation jutsus.

Anonymous Megamarik said...
^bad math is bad.

Anonymous bones said...
Anon: Give up.
your grave was deep when you started and your only digging a deeper one.

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