Friday, April 9, 2010
2nd Quarter Chunin Locations for 2010
Alright guys, I'm back again today. This time feeling a little better... I realized I flew off the high horse about the Naruto/Hinata thing. We all have bad days right? Granted, I still think it's a little ridiculous but re-reading it, some arguments were just kind of sloppy. Still no reason to fly off the handle at me... you know who you are :P

So today for those of you who haven't seen, Andy posted the list of 2nd Quarter Chunin locations and they are as follows:

Comic Cult - Norwalk, CA
Paladins Game Castle – Bakersfield, CA
Valhalla’s – Wheat Ridge, CO
BRADS Sports Cards and Collectibles - Coral Springs, FL
Avalon Manga Shop – Miami, FL
Quest Comic Shop – Carrollton, GA
Now and Then - Mason City, IA
Galazy Comic Zone – Chicago, IL
Main Street Cards and Collectibles - Mooresville, IN
Collector’s Mall – Owensboro, KY
Pandemonium Books & Games – Cambidge, MA
Front Row Sports Cards – Severna Park, MD
RIW Hobbies - Livonia, MI
Fanfare Sports & Entertainment, Inc. – Kalamazoo, MI
LAN World Gaming - Maplewood, MN
The Game Shoppe – Bellevue, NE
Double Midnight Comics – Manchester, NH
All Things Fun - West Berlin, NJ
The Guard Tower - Columbus, OH
Rainy Day Games - Aloha, OR
New Dimension Comics - Butler, PA
Bag22 Gamers Club - Caguas, PR
Comix Universe – Hanover, PA
Game Wizard - San Juan, PR
Planet Comics – Anderson, SC
The Castle - Tyler, TX
Heroes & Fantasies – Universal City, Texas
Game Grid – Ogden, UT
Star City Games - Roanoke, VA
West Coast Sports Cards - Federal Way, WA
House of Heroes – Oshkosh, WI

Carta Magica - Montreal, QC
BD Cosmos – Laval, QC

So there you have it. All Things Fun will once again be hosting another Chunin and since it's Second Quarter, that means before the end of June which means it'll be probably right before Shonen Jump Season. Sounds pretty awesome to me. Hope to see some of you all there. The one in PA is 5 Hours away from me, so there's no way I'm going to travel that far for 2 you're all safe :P

But on another I going blind? I don't see New York on that list. Where is it? Did I miss something? Did they not get one?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Norcal didn't get a chunin either

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