Monday, March 8, 2010
One more try

I'm currently uploading the patch for the Forbidden Program. I'll have more details when I get home tonight. Hopefully it'll work properly this time... cross your fingers.


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Anonymous Don't click here! said...
oh,look,i found it! :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...
If you seriously made a patch that fast, I applaud you. You must have been working non-stop to make it if it's perfect.

Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
@Matthew Low: The patch is rough as can be. Ninja are simply just card numbers, and you have to add them that way. There is no preview text, element, or color. We just assume you know how to play the cards based on the visual provided.

We'll perfect everything after we get Sets 1-16 + Promos up in the database. Then we'll go back and edit the cards 1 by 1. For now, not going to since we need to test for upcoming stuff. After everything settles down, then we'll do it.

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