Sunday, March 7, 2010
A Certain Need
So there seems to be this void that hasn't really been filled since I first quit the game and came back.

I know Bunnyslayer used to fulfill it but he quit to play "better" games like "UFS."

So yeah. . .

There's a certain program.

That needs a certain patch.

To play a certain game.

Josh told me it just needs knowledge of PHP to make.

Well... damn.

Where am I gonna find someone who knows PHP?

Oh wait!

I am someone who knows PHP.

I can make this patch.

And then people can play this certain game.

On this certain program.

I'll get around to it soon.

Stay tuned!

-Tsu post signature

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Anonymous kirby said...
you can say it on this site...

Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
Like PlayTCG, this site is visible to all of Bandai so we can't really explicitly say anything.

Mayhaps it is best that
We just imply things just to be on the
Safe side.

Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger Josh said...

Hint: it wasn't Tsu.

Blogger Josh said...
btw don't use the above file, it doesn't work when you try to play w/ a deck. You need to add it to the MTG base for it to work for some reason.

Instructions forthcoming.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
So you cant talk about it, but you can post a DL link for it?

What's Bandai gonna do? Not let you link from the boards anymore?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
OCTGN is pointless when there is TCO :\

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I was the one who made the patch... you do know that, right? I made through Revenge and stopped. It's not hard. Just takes a ton of time. Once you learn all the keyboard shortcuts and have the Excel spoilers at your whim along with images, it's easy. Not long ago I went back and made Path again, but that stopped once the new website was created (and I found better things to do).

Of course, with a barebones release with only images, titles, Healthy stats, and casting cost, it's even faster. Not a ton of faster, but a couple key strokes faster times the number of cards is quite large.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh, and I know PHP (just a tiny bit), but you don't need to know PHP to do it. I can't say it's not helpful, but I don't think it's vital at all. Once you know all the fast key strokes, it's just like clockwork.

Blogger Josh said...
Nah you just need PHP to generate the code to download all the images at once.

I used Excel to generate card numbers and then copy pasted them into Notepad. In retrospect I could have just modified my PHP page to do it even easier.


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