Thursday, February 18, 2010
Mentally Creating Cards aka Spending Way Too Much Time on Naruto
I dunno about you guys, but a lot of times when I'm bored I like to think about what the Naruto CCG would be like if it was just a game engine like VS was... you know... they just have the same basic rules and just keep licensing lots of properties to make into cards. What would the game be like if say... we had a set based around Marvel's Spider-Man. Or Iron-Man. Maybe video games like The Legend of Zelda or Mario.

I mean, I did it before in PlayTCG where I made up a fictional set of cards for the Saiyan Saga from Dragon Ball and lo' and behold like a year later, Dragon Ball comes out of no where, making me giddy with fanboy glee. But my only disappointment was that I couldn't play Dragon Ball cards with Naruto cards... I couldn't act out epic battles of Blond hair versus Blonder Hair. Super overly powered main character versus even more super overly powered main character. Pointless character versus equally useless character. Then the cross over rules came out and all was fine and well except it wasn't a fair fight. Naruto just mopped the floor with Dragon Ball much to my surprise. And with each iteration of the cross over list, one side was clearly better than the other. But enough of all that, I'm getting side tracked.

I love just creating cards in my spare time. I don't actually post up images on the Create-A-Card thread (When I get a better computer that doesn't crash all the time when using Photoshop, this might change) but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy making them. I guess it is kind of a symbol of fandom. Or love. Or something mushy like that.

Anyways, here's a fun little card that I made put together by that guy that always assists in making the card images, Shino's Dad. As some of you may know, I'm a big fan of fighting games and I've always wanted to have a "GOOD" CCG where my favorite fighting game characters could duke it. But for now, I'll just settle with my favorite anime characters... But anyways, onto the card!

It'd be fun to make a BlazBlue fan set for the Create-A-Card section but due to the lack of characters in the game (all like...14 of them), getting any sort of full set out of them would be next to impossible. Still, it's nice to dream.

As I said though, I just have too much time on my hands.

But as for you, the community, I want to know what kind of cards you've come up with when you were bored. They don't have to be pictures, text is fine. Just post them in the comments below to confirm that I'm not the only maniac who does this. Maybe as a prize for the best card posted, I'll make (or get made) the winning card and post it up right here on this Blog.

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Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Litchi!! Now make Noel. :3
Great game, I just don't have the self-discipline to actually sit down and learn the combos and strategies.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i think of situlations in shows and think about what the justu/misson would be called and what i'd so ect ect
naruto ccg has spoiled my mine fore sure
also you could just make enouf cards for a 50 card deck :3

Blogger FinalValkyrie said...
Yeah I do this all the time too.

Blogger FinalValkyrie said...
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Blogger FinalValkyrie said...
Noel vermillion
Librarium | Female | Nox Nyctores | Sealed
Element: Wind
Atrribute: Weapon
EC: 4
HC: 0
"Stop calling me stupid!"
When this ninja is sent out to battle, you can discard 2 of your chakras with a "Wind"
symbol. In that case, you can give 1 Ninja battling against this ninja with a Combat
value equal to or less than this ninja 1 damage.

Valid: When this ninja is sent out to Block, it gets +2/+2 during the turn.
Healthy: 4/2 Injured 2/1

Blogger Shinfitz said...
I create cards all the time as well, but not for already made games, but for home made ones I've done myself.

I've done a cool Zelda themed game with about five hundred cards, and my latest project is an Avatar the Last Airbender game with over two hundred cards.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Lol I found myself being uber bored and making my own One Piece cards.

Monkey D. Luffy (Gear Second)
Turn 6 Hand Cost 1
Strawhat Crew | Male | Captain | Devil Fruit

[For my Friends]

When this Warrior is sent out to attack select a Technique card with "Gum Gum" in the title from your Discard Pile or Energy Area and add it to your hand.

Valid:This Warrior gains +1/+0 for every Warrior your opponent controls with a "Villain Symbol + Turn Cost of 5 or More" Or "Marine Symbol + Turn Cost of 5 or More".

6/3 5/0
Combat Attribute:Rubber

Blogger Josh said...
This Litchi character... I must get to know her better... <_<

Anonymous Neo360shot said...
Dude, in Japan blazblue gets its own card game starting on the 26th...i will post images like no one has posted images before...

and litchi is zabuza BP on crack...

Blogger zbkillaz said...
dragonball is much better than naruto in crossover, just look at last years gencon results.

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