Tuesday, May 15, 2012
The Perfect Curve Series 25 Final Preview: Spoils of War

Alright guys, time for the last TPC preview for the 25th set, Kage Summit! Today we look at a common Permanent Earth Mission and try to break down all the uses and advantages of using this card in your deck, so here it is:

This is a card where you need to stop and think before you really analyze its effect. At first glance you might assume this is just another card to compliment the new “Permanent Mission Theme” that Bandai has created for Earth in set 25. However, while that is true, I believe that this card can be seen as much more. I’m sure people remember this card. Let’s look at a couple of scenarios in which this card can be used to your advantage:
Scenario 1: Your opponent plays Ink Leech (Pretty safe play to assume) and resolves an early jutsu against you sending three cards to their discard pile and you have a vanilla ninja on your side of the field. Now what are some ninjas that could be in your opponents discard pile that can give you an early advantage? Aside from the Kages, here are just a FEW examples:

Water: Kisame, Karin
Earth: Hinata, Foo, Shiho
Lightning: Naruto
Wind: Sakura, Tsunade

A few of the above are gamechangers. The most interesting example in my opinion is Naruto[The Emerging Beast], especially for earth who might already have Naruto[Nine-Tail’s Cloak] in their reinforcement deck. Although it’s a little late, something like this could eventually turn your Injured Vanilla ninja into a Sage Mode! Now you could argue that this scenario won’t play out all the time and you don’t like using situational cards, a valid argument. But that’s why I like the versatility of this card it has a second, equally powerful option.
Scenario 2: Since the target is “1 Ninja” it is important to look at how/if you can use this card on your opponent’s ninjas. I’m sure everyone remembers this card:

Now the obvious differences are there, it has a hand cost, it isn’t a counter mission, and it doesn’t prevent the ninja from using jutsu. I get that. However why can’t you utilize it in the same way when it comes to negating ninja effects? You can and should. This card can cripple an overwhelmingly powerful effect such as a Kage or maybe just shut down that annoying Hidan for a few turns before he can wreak havoc on your battle rewards.

Conclusion: This is a card I feel that should not be overlooked if you plan on playing Earth or Earth/X. It can be a powerful card to turn your opponent’s ninjas against them or it can even be used to shut down your opponent’s threats. If it does not make its way into your mainboard it should be used in your side deck. Hope you guys enjoyed the preview and are looking forward to set 25 as much as I am!


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