Tuesday, April 24, 2012
The Perfect Curve Exclusive Preview #1: A Solid State, Too
Happy Tuesday everyone! Seeing as no preview was posted anywhere yesterday, I can only assume that I have the pleasure of posting the first of the exclusive off-site previews for Set 25: Kage Summit. Today we're going to be seeing a card that was hinted at by Tylar in his Tylar's Corner yesterday.

So, a few of you have voiced your concern for Water falling behind a bit do to a lack of real early game solid removal anymore, when compared to cards like Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu for Fire and Rasengan for Lightning, and even Wind Style: Pressure Damage for Wind. Today's preview is a source of removal for Water as early as Turn 2.

Cursed Seal Chakra Blast is a Water Jutsu that cost 2 Water Chakra, and requires either State 2 or a Jugo with an Entrance Cost of 3 or higher. An important thing to note is that a Jugo that is not Turn 3 or higher but does have State 2 still fulfills the requirements of this jutsu.

Now, the Target itself is both a blessing and a curse (heh) in a way. Compared to the prior three removal jutsu that I listed this one can target any Ninja on the Battlefield, as compared to just an opposing Ninja. This allows for more flexibility in how you plan to organize your teams or make important blocks. The downside of course, is that it can only target a Ninja with More Support than the user. To touch on this a bit further, let's first make a list of all the Ninjas that can actually use this jutsu (Note, I am only listing those Ninjas currently in the Block Format):

Jugo [Path of Pain Starter Reprint]
Tayuya (State 2) [Path of Pain]
Jugo (State 1) [Path of Pain]
Kidomaru (State 2) [Tales of the Gallant Sage]
Jugo [Tales of the Gallant Sage]
Sakon & Ukon (State 2) [Shattered Truths]
Jugo [Shattered Truth]
Sasuke (State 2) [Tournament Pack 3]
Jugo [Tournament Pack 3]
Jugo (State 1) [Weapons of War]
Jirobo (State 2) [Invasion]
Jugo [Invasion]
Kimimaro (State 2) [Sage's Legacy]
Sasuke (State 2) [Sage's Legacy]
Jugo [Sage's Legacy]

Fifteen Users! Not bad at all. But then again, save for high level Kages or Growthed KNS (Which isn't all that uncommon), no Ninjas really have 4 Support. So if we remove all of the users with a natural healthy support of 3 or more, our list looks like this:

Jugo [Path of Pain Starter Reprint]
Jugo [Tournament Pack 3]
Jugo (State 1) [Weapons of War]
Jirobo (State 2) [Invasion]
Jugo [Invasion]
Sasuke (State 2) [Sage's Legacy]
Jugo [Sage's Legacy]

Ok, so we lose about half the users. It isn't too big of a deal though, because removal is removal, and most of these listed users actually get stronger when they trigger the removal part of the effect, that is, injuring the user in order to get that extra damage.

We should get to the effect I suppose, and I already mentioned above, you have to injure the user in order to get the extra damage in order to actually kill the target. This though, is no different from Dragon Flame in a way, as that card does the same thing.

Yes, so the card isn't true removal, but it can and usually will be removal. Comparing it to Dragon Flame yields the same result for less chakra, and comparing it to Pressure Damage leaves you with a Ninja compared to your opponent still losing a Ninja. Also, if you really want to go full on with this card, you could always play this little gem:

Card Not Found

Andrew Kardis may disagree, as might a lot of people, and I am by no means calling this a 'Pro Tech', but it opens up the possibility of making today's preview usable by nearly every Ninja in your deck, if you're running Water.

Overall, I really like this card, both for it's pool of possible users, cheap cost, and utility in it's both wide and narrow targeting. While it might not be able to hit Head Ninjas until around Turn 5, and kills most Kages without too much trouble, it has that key ability to cover anywhere on the Battlefield, creating the possibility for all sorts of interesting scenarios. Stay tuned over the next two weeks as we preview three more exclusive cards for the newest set of the Naruto Shippuden CCG: Set 25 "Kage Summit"!

-Nick (Shino'sDad)


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