Friday, February 3, 2012
The Perfect Curve Exclusive Preview #4: A Slightly Difficult or Thought Provoking Situation...
I'm making those shirts a reality.

As of late, Missions cards have started to fall into a very specific category that determines if they see the light of day or not. Usually, a mission has to do one of the following two things in order to be considered for a slot in any deck,

1) Draw cards.

2) Tutor cards.

Past that, a "utility" mission requires doing something that will either support a direct deck type (Ala World of Fire for Mill), or directly effect the game state in some drastic way. A couple good examples of that are Dehydration and Clear Sky, both are Water/Earth cards that directly alter something about the game when they are played, either by negating a key effect in Dehydration's case, or resetting your opponent's resources (or in a very rare case, save yourself from milling out) with Clear Sky.

Short of these two, most other missions that fall into the utility zone are often paired with some sort of card draw. Training in the Moonlight will draw you cards, if you managed to play it when you have more cards in hand than your opponent, and something like Wager hinges on you winning the forced battle. Drawing the cards is a bonus for using the card at the proper time.

Today's preview is a utility mission that carries the card draw bonus, but not as an extra effect. Rather, it is there to present your opponent with a choice.

So here's the scenario. You've got a nice, healthy Ninja with a solid effect on your side of the field. Luckily, he's not Valid, so being able to injure him somehow will make everything all better. In the case of guys like Chiriku, this isn't always the most simple of situations. Luckily, you have this mission, which will hopefully injure that troublesome Ninja, or more likely, draw you 2 cards.

I have tried to find a situation where playing this card will net you the injure over the card draw, and I can't. If the mission offered either an injure or Three cards, I could see it being a bit more difficult of a choice for your opponent, since you're actually gaining positive either way. As it is, its the same thing as playing One Morning, which has been heavily crept over, power wise.

This weekend will be our final preview; a super rare that has been hinted at a few times, brought to you by Mr. Tsukiyome.

-Nick (Shino's Dad)

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