Saturday, January 21, 2012
Bold prediction: The most awesome card in set 24

After not posting in forever I am here today to bring you what I believe to be the most awesome card in set 24. Now, I know this might seem to be a rather bold prediction, with Sage mode being shown but I honestly love this card, infact I would go as far as to say that from the art to the design this card is perfect. But what is this card you might be asking? Well I will tell you: Hidan (Curse mode). For those of you who just want to see the card, feel free to scroll down, because before I show the card I want to do a quick trip down memory lane.

Back in late march we revealed the first ever Hidan and Hidan (Cursed mode). I was involve with these cards because of how flavorful they were, but looking back these cards weren't very good. While Hidan (Curse Mode) had some cool combos, Hidan didn't actually do anything by himself. Not only did he need other cards to make him good, he needed cards that you normally wouldn't play, meaning he lacked synergy with previously existing competative cards in his colors. Couple all of that that with his tedious put in play requirements, and you just had a card that took too much effort to actually utilize reliably.

So, for those of you at home keeping track, the 3 main flaws with Hidan (Curse Mode) were:

1) Needed other cards to be good

2) Lacked synergy with previlent cards in his colors

3) Was difficult to actually play

So bandai needed to somehow overcome these 3 main factors in order to make the next Hidan (Curse Mode) playable...


... And I think they did EXACTLY that.

Looking at the very first problem with the original, you can imediately tell that the problem has been solved with the newest iteration. Not only does Hidan have a built in win condition, he also has a second effect that helps him trigger his first effect. So, if for some reason you only had a Hidan in play, you would actually be capable of winning the game.

The second problem with the original was his lack of synergy with other cards, something this guy can't relate to. This guy is all about the synergy. Seriously, he actually plays perfectly into fire decks utilizing some of the cards from the new "Win Battle Rewards" theme. Also, his draw back of giving up battle rewards is easily rendered irrelivant by another heavily played Fire card.

The third and final problem was the difficulty to actually get him into play, but as you can see this guy can reinforce off of any Hidan, without the use of a ritual circle. The ability to use ANY hidan is very helpful, because while some of you are probably going to be playing this guy for his synergy, others will be running this guy because of his ability to shut down cards that would otherwise throw a wrench in your plans.

Last thing I would like to share is a bit of math with you guys:

Turn 6 Reinforce Hidan, activate effect- 1 BR

Use Hanzo- 2 BR

Sac Hanzo with Deidara- 4 BR

swing with a big team including Hidan, your opponent chumps, you Dragon flame- 5 BR

You are now unopposed during showdown- 7BR

Total- 7BR in a single turn with almost now effort, all before sage mode can even come into play. Seems pretty good to me.

-Andrew Photobucket

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