Monday, July 18, 2011
Naruto CCG Set 22 "Weapons of War" Preview #2- Tunneling Your Way to Victory!

Those of you who have ever talked with me online or at events have probably heard me talk about my favorite card once or twice. Even during the days when I ran the podcast for bandai I occasionally mentioned my love for Tunneling fang. Back in the days before rotation I would constantly try to build decks that used cards like Loosing control of Chakra and Release of Chakra to trying and mill twenty plus card in a single turn off of TFang. While Tunneling fang never made it into competative play, it still holds a place in my heart and nothing makes me more excited than to see bandai supporting animal based mill, because it gives me hope that maybe they will give TFang another shot. Anyway, here is todays preview:

Yeah, thats right, he mills cards like a fiend and prefers not to be called a cute little doggie.While some of you (The ones who for some unknown reason hate mill) will probably be unhappy with this card, I honestly couldn't be more happy with him. While Pakkun doesn't do anything by himself (except act as a two support one drop for fire, a color which rarely sees those) he does however make every card in a deck built around milling your opponent to death, better. Not fully convinced? Lets look at World of Fire, the current "Best" mill card. The card essentially reads "Mill 2 cards a turn" and based on an average deck of 30 ninjas and 20 non-ninja cards the odds of getting that extra card milled off of pakkun are pretty good.

Another cool thing about pakkun is his wording. Since he's a triggered effect any effect that causes a Non-Ninja card to get milled over will cause him to trigger, even his own effect. So for example, lets say you deploy Pakkun and then remove a coin from your world card to force your opponent to mill two cards. Unfortunately for him, one of the two cards is a jutsu, causing pakkun to trigger. Pakkun forces your opponent to mill one card, which happens to be a mission. Pakkun triggers again, and this time it's another jutsu discarded from the top of your opponents deck. Looks like Pakkun triggers again and again until he mills a ninja... Put then you play your Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu... and you see where I'm going with this. Pakkun is an awesome card, and will hopefully have a positive impact on block as more mill based cards come out. I hope you enjoyed my favorite of our preview cards from "Weapons of War". Be sure to check back next week for another preview, and for those of you attending the 1K we are running this weekend in Morris town, NJ we will be having a special preview shown during the tournament! Until next time.

-Andrew Photobucket

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Blogger Josh said...
Tunneling Fang won me an XBox in crossover, thanks.

Blogger Ross134 said...
I think that post rotation, a lot of decks are gonna get a lot better. I may build either puppets or wind just for fun. No one plays in my area any more, but maybe I'll still be able to play with a friend or two.

Blogger Rasengan Nagashi said...
I did an blog, because I'm a fan of you guys. But they aren't giving me any love. :(

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