Sunday, July 24, 2011
Morristown NJ Tournament Results (7/23/11)
For the first time in history, TPC went down last night and I was unable to log in to upload top 8 decks from the event.

Here they are:

Genre (True Allies)
Brad Wright (True Allies)
Joe Colon (Lightning/Wind True Allies splash Anbu/Biscuit)
MJM (No Hand Water)
Elric (Fire/Water Haku/Kakashi/EOTS instant-Ninja Kill)
Dalegna (Distal Shrapnel OTK)
Saul Pena (BR Flip Earth)
John B. (Monowater)

John vs. Joe
Saul vs. Genre
MJM vs Elric
Dalegna vs Brad

Joe vs. Genre
MJM vs. Dalegna

MJM vs. Joe

Winner: Joe Colon

Congrats Joe and I hope everyone who came had a lot of fun. Also I want to give a shout out to MJM for not only playing extremely well against a lot of tough players, but being the best user of the note taking rule I've ever seen. Using Karin [Warden] he was able to figure out opponent's hands by turn 1 or turn 2 and just use the information to out play his opponents...was very interesting to see someone use this very under utilized rule. We apologize for the low turnout, however despite that, we were invited to come back again and host another one of these in October. Anyone interested in attending one of these in the off season?

Lastly I apologize that the finals was not live streamed. I left the room for a minute and came back to see that Joe had moved to a different table then the 1st seed table to play his game and as such I wasn't able to live stream it. I requested they moved back before they started but Joe just ignored me and started I had to move to text based updates only. I hope you all at least enjoyed the live stream considering it was broadcast from my cell phone.

Shout Outs:
Dalegna - Nice meeting you bro. Had a lot of fun...I'm sad we didn't play in Marvel/Smash but maybe next time! Sick deck. I'll try to write more article based content just for you. I do miss it.

Saul - Fun matches in Marvel. GenCon Indy has an MVC3 machine across the street. We'll settle things there on quality sticks. I. HATE. ZERO! You still have an amazing BR flip Earth deck...there's a few things I'd slide in there for tech though :P

Joe - Why you so sacky? Ha ha ha. I'm watching all your games and your opponent's put you on the ropes and then you research into the nuts and then Tobi exactly into the perfect hand. See you at Gencon, we'll have a blast!

Mike (OneWingedAngel) - Good to see you made the trip. Always a pleasure talking to you. Come hang out with us at GenCon... definitely going to the noodle shop a few times over the weekend. I love that place.

Genre - I'm sorry there was no gym at this event for you. As always, great to see you as you're a hilarious guy. Gen(re)con is going to be awesome!

Elric - Glad you're starting to get back into the game. Losing only to a misplay or two in top cut for a deck you were handed several hours before with no experience is pretty impressive.

Andrew - Thanks for watching my stuff and helping run the event. Always a fun event when you're around. No thanks for taking my slice of pizza & thinking this was a Pokemon competition over the mic.

Brad - Top cut for playing like... 1 game I think the whole day...that's a new record. See you at Gencon man.

Eric - Thanks for letting us preview you your card and help run the deck. I'll talk to you this week.


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Blogger Jago1101 said...
saw joe cheat to win finals....

that aside when do the masses get to see the preview from the event?

also hope you guys do more in the future!

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