Tuesday, June 28, 2011
We actually have Tournament Pack 3 Previews!

So, as Pat mentioned in his blog post yesterday, we actually recieved previews... He just never saw them until last night. While none of our four preview cards are particularly amazing at first glance, I happen to see a lot of combo potential in our first Preview:
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While you probably aren't going to be playing this card in conventional decks, I can easily see this card acting as an instant speed variant of substitute, a card that saw a ton of play during the time it was legal. Sure, it isn't exactly the same as substitute in that it only digs six cards deep, creating potential whifs, and it can't be used during the mission phase to set up squading and other cool plays, however it does have some pretty cool upsides that Substitute never had. The ability to jump a drop is nothing to scoff at, especially with all the anbu and mist anbu in format that could easily jump into Naruto (Clone) or Konohamaru Ninja Squad while also triggering their put in play effects, generating card advantage.

Another cool option this card has is the ability to grab the same ninja you discarded for the effect of the card. While most often you would be less inclined to try and hit the same ninja off of this card, there are situations where going back to back Hinata [Reserved Character] or another ninja with a powerful put in play effect might win you the game.

Lastly, this card is awesome against Nick Brady's Shonen Jump winning Combo Deck. Not blocking, while a good strategy isn't perfect because he runs magnetic force and all it does is try to stall until you can access Sasuke [Freezing Eyes] and high powered removal. Using Money Style Shadow Clone actually just makes his entire deck whif, provided you actually play the card at the right time. After you opt not to block, if the player using the combo deck can win he will mag force one of your ninjas, then once opposed he will eight inner gates, dumping his hand to try and OTK you. After he dumps his hand, start a new chain and Money style Shadow Clone your ninja out of there, leaving the opponent with no hand and only two battle Rewards for all of his efforts. Not to mention, if you have Sakura ADP, you can easily set up Sasuke [Freezing Eyes] blow outs on turn three.

Check back later this week for the rest of our Tournament three Preview!

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