Monday, June 13, 2011
The Anbu "Crisis"
Another call to arms over someone crying foul. Same day, different "stuff" right? Well not really. Actually, the annoyance factor is only minor for this in comparison to things I've spoke out against in the past (State 2, Hydro Pump, Block Format, etc.)

For those who want to get up to speed, Scotty has made a pretty solid post on Bandai:

Bandai Rant: First Blood (Part 1)

My points are pretty much littered throughout the thread. In a nutshell though, Paradise is fine. Tactics is fine. Drift is fine. Shion is fine. Just restrict the two Anbus to 1 until rotation starts and see if it's any better without Fear/Shion/Drift. You try to kill the cancer, you try not to kill the healthy cells around it. There's no reason as to why Fire has to suffer when the only real problems are the two Anbu ninja. That way Dogs is still a deck type, and people can attempt to play other strategies like Mill and Susano'o without having to lose their best missions.

My $0.02

What are your thoughts? Post in the thread or post 'em up here.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I really wish Genre could have not done that...

As Ive said on almost every ban/limit thread, whats going to happen is going to happen, no need to blow it up like everyone really enjoys doing.

If they make an "Emergency Rogue List" before AX or Origins (being that they are less than 3 weeks away) I think I would quit this game post gencon.

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