Thursday, March 17, 2011
We're Coming Back Next Week
No seriously. I promise.

Andrew and I have been really busy so it's hard to find time to type up articles. So basically...we cheated. I was able to go out and get us a copy of Speech to Text articles. What's that mean for you? We can just sit in front of the PC at the end of the night and rant...and it'll just get posted up here. Saves us an hour or so per entry and you'll start to see more content here.

Again, I apologize for the lack of content. There hasn't been any tournaments lately besides Kages that are halfway across the country from us, Andrew has had midterms, and I'm working on 5 accounts at the same time at work. Cut us some slack.


Anonymous Mike said...
Slack has been cut. Like I said on the Fire article, I loved it and I'm patiently aawaiting the Lightning article. The best news (besides this site becoming more active)? I'm still remaining patient.

I think I can trump well over half of the people on the Bandai boards when it comes to patience. =]

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Is Nick Botchis not wearing pants while you write this article?


Anonymous Anonymous said...
You guys put more articles up promising stuff, than actual "stuff." So just shut up and stop. We won't mind. Seriously.

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