Wednesday, March 2, 2011
A small thank you to our readers

I know the site has been pretty dead as of late, and rather then pull out my long list of excuses I'm just going to point out that we wouldn't be the same TPC crew you know and love if we were even remotely organized and punctual. Pat and I are going to do our best to put out articles sometime during the week, so sit tight and be sure to check back over the next few days for said articles, unless we both forget and end up posting nothing. Regardless, I wanted to make a small post thanking all of you for all the support over this past year.

Some of you might be wondering where that came from, well, the truth is that Nick was approached by one of our readers at Katsukon, who only had nice things to say about both our site and our staff. I think that this event is what finally put this whole thing in perspective for me. Even when I was doing the official NarutoCCG podcast some time ago, it never seemed to register to me that more than just our group of friends were tuning in to hear the things we had to say. It's actually pretty overwhelming to think that there are a number of people out there who use what Josh, Pat, Nick or I write to help them for some an opinion on a card or decktype, which could ultimately go on to help them win a Kage or even just place higher then they would have otherwise.

So, before I bore you to death with paragraphs full of touchy-feelyness, I'll just end this post by thanking you guys for your continued support!

-Andrew Photobucket

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Why on earth anyone would take what ANY of you write seriously is beyond me. Let alone what the scrubs (Nick and Pat) write.

2EZ #1


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yeah so does that mean your gonna put the lightning elements review up cause I'm fairly curious as to what you'll say.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
I liked the fire article. Think it hit all the right points. And whats up guys? That was me at Katsu. lol.

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