Tuesday, February 1, 2011
The Perfect Curve "Tales of the Gallant Sage" Final Preview

So now that Neji was shown, I can show our last preview card:
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I was sceptical of the card when I was first given it to preview, as 3 Chakra for a bounce to hand isn't particularly stellar, especially when only 2 or 3 ninjas can use it in the first place. Having seen the rest of the theme (Neji in particular), I'm sure this card will make it into competative play. The "Expert" effect on this card is in my opinion what makes the card, as it not only time walks your opponent, but it also replaces itself after it resolves, keeping your options high, while the rest of your deck keeps your opponent's options limited. Without the "Expert" effect, the card is somewhat underwhelming, but can still be used to push games, or prevent a jutsu on the spot, so there isn't much to complain about.

As far as it's effectiveness in the deck, it's pretty much just removal, though it does have some synergy with Hiashi, who allows you to steal the target as a BR provided your opponent has no hand. Regardless, the card doesn't really lend itself to the decks theme beyond simply requiring "Byakugan", which irks me a bit, but atleast the card is very solid.

I like that Bandai is now starting to change things that would normally target "1 Ninja" to "1 Ninja on the Battlefield", because it's clear that "1 Ninja" cards are often too powerful, and can end games off of a chump block. This change still gives you some freedom with your targeting, but doesn't leave your opponent with that "I didnt block, but still managed to lose multiple ninjas" expression.

I really like this card, and I'm sure that it will find it's way to the top tables, so you might want to pick them up quickly, because you should all know how hard it is to get the "Good" uncommons some times. This ends our set 20 previews, but be sure to check back often for more content. Until next time!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
First....Liking the new Byakugan/Hyuga stuff. I usually have a firm hate for those eye jutsu losers, but this might improve my outlook on them..

Anonymous Mega said...
Looks like Amir got his 8 Trigrams back...in the form of Earth.

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