Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Tales of the Gallant Previews

So, if you haven't noticed Pojo previewed Shikamaru (Suit) today, which was one of our preview cards for set 20 Tales of the Gallant Sage. My understanding is that we were both given the same cards to preview, and despite the fact that we already started previewing them, and that we wrote up entire articles about each individual card, and its interaction with the others, pojo will be previewing the rest of the cards, and we are getting other cards, which I can only assume will be randomly pulled from the extra cards that werent distributed to the different sites.

Needless to say, I'm pretty bummed out. Hopefully Andy will hook us up with something good to make up for the situation, cause we really could use the boost. Be sure to come back and see what previews we end up with, amd check out Pojo.com for the rest of the suit theme. Until next time.

-Andrew Photobucket

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Everyone on pojo is kinda a fucking nobody (no offense Tony >.>)


Anonymous Anonymous said...
None taken. I thought something was up when we got a (Suit) card to review. The way I see it, this was an error that stems from preview distribution at Bandai. I'm glad that your rage is in the most correct direction and it's horseshit that Bandai would pull this over on one of the most community-supportive Naruto players. I would demand due compensation from Bandai, if not this set, perhaps an extra Super Rare next set. Either that, or just slap a bitch's titties around a little, stick it in 'er, and pee. One of the two.

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