Wednesday, January 26, 2011
The Perfect Curve Gencon Events

It's that time of year again, where we here at TPC promise to run some kind of a side event for Naruto at Gencon. Last year Pat was put in charge, and was supposed to run a whole bunch of events, but ended up doing nothing. This year I'm going to try and set something up, but I want to know what you guys would be interested in attending, so I made a list of potential events to choose from, but if you guys feel you have a great idea that isn't represented here then feel free to let us know. Send us an Email stating which one of the folowing events (And rules sets) you would prefer to play in at Gencon (Or if you have a better idea, email us that instead):

3V3 Team Event:

Basic idea is that you and your teamates each play against another team (so 3 1v1 best of 3 matches) and the team with the most match wins (so winning 2 or more matches of the 3) wins and advances to the next round. Possible rule sets:

Format: Sealed / Block / Unlimited / Multi Format

Construct: United /Seperate

Additional rules: Specific cards banned, alternate win conditions, etc

Style: Single elimination / Double elimination / Swiss / swiss with top cut

Gun slinging event:

In a nut shell, you wait on a line to play against 3 or 4 well known players, and win cool prizes. Please dont pick this.

Booster Draft:

An actual booster draft (NOT SEALED DECK) organized with pods of up to 8 players. Possible rule sets to spice up the event:

Sets: Random for each player / The best sets (Probably EA, Fangs, TP1, etc)/ The worst sets (Probably DL, QFP, AW, etc)

Additional rules: I can't think of any atm

Some kind of Team event:

I was thinking of doing some kind of "Team" based event, where each team would register X of their players, and only one player from a team would play in a round, and that player would play until he loses a match. When that player loses he is eliminated and one of his teamates is put into the folowing round in his place. The last player remaing's team wins. Really awkward sounding but possibly loads of fun. Rule sets and stuff will be posted as I think of it.

... So yeah, to let us know what you are interested email us at (I hope this is our email) and Pat will go through them in the next few weeks and the most popular one will be what we end up doing... Unless it's gunslinging. Until next time!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Do 4 or 3 person team events. Also dont make us get event tickets, put out under the table money, each person per team pays 5-10$ and last man standing splits it with his team. Probs do it Friday afternoon as well as it is the best time. And throw in extra prizes and shit kthx.


Anonymous Matthew Low said...
Under the table is a great way to get everyone ejected from the convention.

Gunslinging sounds fun ;).

Actually we should cube... I'd say a team event but none of those have ever worked.

Blogger Ross134 said...
You can have individuals or teams purchase packs of a certain set or sets and use that as prizing.

Cube draft would be tight, if you could get people to donate some time to prepare the cubes. I'm sure Tylar would like to do that as well.

Cheeseburger elimination? XD

Blogger Zero said...
I have a cube, and I love cubing, but I don't want to cube with a bunch of people I dont know in a large convention center. There are expensiver cards in there, and people do forget to give back stuff.

All cubing and videogames will be done in our hotel room.

Blogger Ross134 said...
Gotcha. EDH maybe? Maybe hype that up in the lead in to Gencon. Try making it a 1k?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well theres always the GenCon Bowl!

Blogger Shino's Dad said...
Gencon Bowl is a confirmed event. Let's hope some of you kids out there actually know what football is.

As for EDH, I would be willing to support this, as it is one of my favorite formats for Naruto (right behind Draft).

Anonymous Anonymous said...
^^^This guy def know what football is, he was around when it was invented.

Anonymous steve said...
most people don't know but the last 2 3 vs 3 were won by team chicago. I'm not just saying that gencon 08 and origins 09 were both won by team chicago with chicago getting 1st and second at origins

Anonymous Anonymous said...
looking forward to this actually hoping to show up this year I'm most interested in 3v3 booster draft as long as it the good sets


Anonymous yodaz said...
We talking tackle football here? That could be interesting...will have to check my contact list.

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