Saturday, January 1, 2011
The Perfect Curve Exclusive Preview - "Monster Research" (Eric Melone's GenCon 2010 Card)
Happy New Year everybody!

Keeping with tradition of previous New Years, the preview card for the first day of the new year is the winner of GenCon (aka The Sannin).

Eric, being our good friend, has given us permission to preview his card. Although this is the rough draft of the card image, this is the FINAL effect that will appear on the card when it arrives in Set 20 later in February.


We'll have the real picture later as well as interview with Eric on how he made the card.

Monster Research

Anonymous MARDO said...
i like very much

Blogger Ross134 said...
Brilliant Ultimatum anyone? Love the card!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Fact or Fiction bruh.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I jizzed myself

Blogger Josh said...

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