Monday, January 3, 2011
Ever wonder what the TPC crew does when we aren't narutoing it up?

I took a few videos during our stay at Pats house, thought I would upload them for the lulz.

Andrew, Nick, and Anthony go to Best Buy (feat. Pat) Part1 and Part 2

Nick and Andrew make a comedy

Currently working an end of year card review, so sit tight!

-Andrew Photobucket

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Anonymous Mega said...
First vid was removed by Youtube. :/

Blogger Ross134 said...
Yar. Don't make videos that are too long haha

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I suggest re-uploading the Best Buy video in segments.

Blogger Zero said...
I fixed the videos!

Anonymous Mega said...
Claymore is actually good. There is a good reason behind them all looking the same. And...they don't all look exactly the same, but similar.

Blogger Zero said...
I read 5 chapters and couldn't tell the difference between any character in the series :\

Anonymous Mega said...
Watch the first 5 episodes of the Anime and you'll see the difference. The Manga, I can understand where you're coming from. There are obviously some filler characters, and in the manga they barely distinguish them from one another.

Look at it this way; they're in the same organization, they dress alike. They all have blonde hair. Our army looks alike (granted they don't all have the same hair color). You can distinguish them (and the claymore characters) by their hair styles and face features. If you cannot, then...well, look harder I guess? :P

5 chapters isn't really anything to judge over either imo. There is hardly any characters in the first 5 chapters haha. I understand where you are coming from, but you've yet to see the big picture later in the series.

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