Friday, December 3, 2010
A Thank You and List of Updates

I just wanted to thank everyone who posted so far for their support. It's somewhat disheartening for us given Bandai's recent revoking of our next set previews, but we're not about to start a crusade over it, and I ask that no one else do so either.

I want to thank everyone who plans on staying active readers of TPC. We do this for both our enjoyment as well as yours. If we have to sugarcoat everything we say, then it isn't very enjoyable for us, and we'd be giving you, the readers, a false presentation.

I also apologize for the lack of followup on the Boston Chunin. My internet has been very finicky as of late at home, and I am currently posting this from my work computer. As you all may or may not have heard, Scott (Genre) was the winner of the event, with Shodaime (don't know your real name, sorry), getting 2nd place, and our own Thayli (Joe O), making Top 4. I had to mirror match Thayli in Top 8 and lost because I am a terrible sideboarder.

I plan to attend the NH Chunin this Sunday, Dec 5th. I will try to get a more accurate reading of the field and take notes, as this will be the first Premiere Event I will attending that Path of Pain will be legal. This will also be the last time we will be seeing Sasuke Uchiha (State 2), and Tayuya [Cursed Flute], at 3, and the last hurrah of Giant Ninja Toad, before he is placed on the Banned List.

The following week will be the NJ Kage at All Things Fun, and as Head Judge, I will be able to do a lot more reporting on the event. I'll try to steal Tsu's camera so I can set up some recordings of select matches. A live stream may be in the works, but news of that will be forthcoming.

Don't eat the Green Ones,

-Nick (Shino'sDad)


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