Saturday, December 11, 2010
NJ Kage Update
This post will be updated every round.

55 players.

Top 8
1. Sasuke of the Desert
2. Shenanigans
3. Nick Brady
4. Eligio
5. Damien Tilman
6. Ryan Severin
7. Thayli
8. Genre


*Edited by Andrew, cause people couldn't seem to notice that the Top 8 were posted, and that you were past the 6th Round.*


Blogger WizKid said...
If i give some names could you find out they're records

Blogger jin_1337 said...
Hows Squee doing for you? sorry to hear about your loss.

Anonymous MARDO said...
Yea Genre 3-1-1 Saul pick up the slack

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Fidel is gonna win it :3

Blogger WizKid said...
Go genre. Go Severin

Anonymous Anonymous said...
This is squee- I actually decided not to go and to study instead last minute.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Lol at sleazie scrubbing

Blogger Zero said...
Eric, I'm right there with you. Only reason I wasn't there is that I have a Biopsychology Final monday at 8AM. I was studying in the library from 1 to 11 today, and only got through about half the material. Really glad I opted not to go.

Blogger jin_1337 said...
we don't get along much, but gogo SoTD! do that underground thing!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wimps. My last final was on Friday and I have an interview on Monday. T'was still able to go AND drop after round 4. No excuses


Anonymous Anonymous said...
You all are niggers.
No excuses.

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