Thursday, December 2, 2010
Naruto CCG set 20 "Tales of the Gallant Sage"- Unfortunate news

Dear readers, I regret to inform you that our previews here at The Perfect Curve for set 20 "Tales of the Gallant Sage" have been pulled by Bandai. According to Pat, who talked directly with them, it was due to my review on our Tournament Pack 2 preview, Deidara. Apparently, what I had to say about the card was not appreciated, which I guess is understandable. While I realize that no company wants to hear anything negative about their product, I couldn't just hide my true feelings on said product to give them the review they wanted. My credibility is very important to me, and I wasn't willing to compromise it over something so minuscule.

I want to apologize to you, the readers because you are being punished for my stubbornness, and I hope that you will still come to our site to read our other content and participate in our contests. Until next time.

-Andrew Photobucket

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Anonymous Jama said...
For real? BS lol Too bad you didn't get the Kakuzu to preview then. I'll still be reading you. Your comments on other previews are just as good of a read as if you previewed them yourselves.

Hope they let you back in the preview loop for your sakes, though, since previews are the biggest thing when it comes to Naruto CCG online discussion.

Anonymous nightmare key said...
that sucks i will still be reading stuff on this site because it's always helpful anyway i think you did the right thing by giving the card a negative review because everybody knows the deidara from tp2 isn't any good i hope yall get your previews back

Anonymous Megamarik said...
Too bad it's true? You can tell they didn't even try on several cards they print; or, they tried too hard.

It is Bandai's loss, not ours. Not to mention, this is a BLOG. We're supposed to talk about it and discuss here. When we see a bad card, we say it's a bad card, and we explain WHY. Vice versa.

They're just butthurt that they're "trying to make the game better" but in reality they aren't in all directions.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Calling that Deidara bad is like calling any t5 with average stats and a really bad put in play effect bad.

So, 90% of people on the site really shouldn't get previews with that kind of logic.

Seriously though, thanks for this blog. Always great to get a second opinion. Especially since I usually jump the gun in thinking "WHY!?"

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I don't come here for the previews, thats wat bandai is for. I come here for crazy articles, reviews of cards, and to hear about all the shenanigizing andy, shinos dad, and everyone else takes part in. If they don't want to give you previews then that's unfortunate but I understand that's how business works.

-Lord Cowman III

Blogger Jordan said...
That is ridiculous when companies punish reviewers for giving an honest, informed opinion. Just because you're in the loop for previews, does not mean you should compromise your integrity and give a false review. That Deidara is underwhelming and most knowledgeable players can infer that. Poor business practice on Bandai's part. It simply makes them look like every other company that protects their product with blindly positive reviews.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wow. I didn't think bandai would behave this childish.

the card is s***, and stating that shouldn't get you penalized. Any decent player know this, and the creators should know this as well.

Blogger Brandon said...
Plenty of others give terrible or nor reviews on their previews and still get them.

My bet is that you guys are just trollin'

Blogger Zero said...
I promise that we aren't trolling. I don't really see any incentive to do such a thing :\

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