Sunday, December 19, 2010
Holiday Contest Announced
So Tron took forever... For those who waited up to see who won the contest here are the winners:

1. Todd_0023

A Picture of Todd's card

2. Thayli

Anko Mitarashi (State 1)
Turn 5 HC 1
Leaf/Special Jonin/Female/Proctor/Mental Power: 1/REINFORCEMENT

“I’m getting excited.”
Sacrifice “Anko Mitarashi” with a turn cost of 3 or higher

Valid: During your mission phase you may injure this ninja. In that case, the Chakra cost of Jutsus used by this Ninja can be paid from both your Chakra area and your opponent’s Chakra area during this turn and the next turn.

Valid: Specific costs of Jutsus used by this ninja can be paid for with any symbol.

6/3 6/0

3. Genre
Anko Mitarashi (State 1) – Dual Elements: Water/Lightning

Hand Cost: 0 -- Entrance Cost: 4

Leaf | Female | Special Jonin | Name: Anko Mitarashi | Mental Power: 2 | REINFORCEMENT

“So we meet again, weirdo.”
[Curse of the Serpent]

Sacrifice: “Anko Mitarashi” + “Special Jonin” or higher Rank

This Ninja can become the user of Jutsu cards with a Water symbol ignoring their “Requirements”.

During your Mission Phase you can remove 5 cards, with a Lightning symbol, in your Reinforcement Deck from the game. In that case, discard 1 in-play non-ninja card.

Healthy Stats: 5/3 Injured Stats: 5/1
Combat Attribute: Weapon/Snake

Honorable Meantion: The Sixth Prong

Anko Mitarashi (State 1)
Entrance Cost 5, Hand Cost 0

"It's over. You and I are going to die here."

Leaf | Special Jonin | Female | Mental Power: 1
Name: Anko Mitarashi | Proctor | REINFORCEMENT

[Twin Snake Sacrifice]
Sacrifice: "Anko Mitarashi" + Entrance Cost of 4 or lower

Valid: When this Ninja is removed from play, select 1 Ninja.
At the end of the turn, you can remove that Ninja from game.

Valid: When this Ninja becomes the user of a Jutsu, you can
remove this Ninja from game. In that case, make 1 Ninja Stand-By.

5/4 5/0
Snake Combat Attribute

All of you send me an email with your info to receive your prizing.


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