Friday, November 19, 2010
Countdown: Boston
So yeah, tomorrow is the Boston Chunin. Not only that, but the format includes the new Target Promo, Sasuke Uchiha [Eyes of the Hawk], and because the newest (second newest?) Rogue List does not go into effect until November 26th, Chidori Stream (Broken Promise) is still at 3.

I forsee a lot of Water, and a lot of Earth to counter Water. I am inclined to play Water, as it is my element of expertise, but the prospect of laying down a Chidori Stream on 4 only to be greeted by a Concentration is more than my stomach can handle.

VSA recently offered a solution to this, in the form of Flashback, though I am still a bit wary. Stolen Bodies down a similar job on an early turn, and unless you plan to charge everything you have in order to Chidori Stream after a Flackback, you will be left with 0 hand, 0 chakra, and just a Sasuke. Meanwhile, your opponent gets to deploy their Turn 4, and most likely has a handful of cards, setting them up to play a mission to net chakra, and pull whatever shenanigans they see fit.

I recently fooled around with a Dog deck at my local, which got me 2nd place, but it was post Path of Pain format, as we have been testing heavily for the December Kage at ATF. Neglecting the closer approaching event might have put us at a slight disadvantage.

As for the tournament itself, I am looking forward to seeing the Boston crew as well as Genre (Scotty) and his boys. The only gripe is, 2pm start time? Really guys? Who starts a tournament in the middle of the afternoon. What time do you all plan to be done with this thing, especially if we have to do Top 8?

So I will be posting results and such as time goes on here on the Perfect Curve for the event, so if you are interested, be sure to check back every hour or so starting at 2pm EST. This will prove to be a hilariously messed up event.

- Shino'sDad

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