Wednesday, October 6, 2010
Shaping the format: Rhapsody of Memories!

Earlier in the week Bandai posted up the new Rogue list for the Naruto CCG's "Unlimited" format. If you haven't seen, you might want to check it out. Needless to say, I was pretty excited to see such a huge overhaul to that train wreck of a format. I've always supported the idea of maintaining Unlimited as a secondary format, and potentially switching between Block and Unlimited for Shonen Jump Championships, similar to how Wizards uses Standard and Extended formats for Magic: The Gathering's Premier level events. With the new list I firmly believe that Unlimited can be a format used for premier level events.

Those of you interested in participating in 4th quarter Chunin events, which are set to be Unlimited format (Or Block if your local is uninterested in trying out the "New" unlimited format) are probably just starting to build, and although Bandai did ban most of the more powerful cards in the format, actually did leave a few incredibly solid options for the upcoming season. Over the course of this month I plan on throwing together some deck ideas for the new Unlimited format, and discussing why I think they are a solid choice for the upcoming 4th quarter Chunin events. I figured we would kick of this series with the return of a personal favorite archetype:

Monowind Puppets

"Rhapsody of Memories"

Ninjas: 33

3 Shino [Insect Warriors]

3 Kiba [Keen Nose]

2 Gaara of the Desert (Childhood) [Loneliness]

2 Sakura [A Double Personality]

2 Shikamaru [Flexiblity]

2 Temari [Wind Scythe]

2 Kankuro [Trick]

1 Black Ant [Lifeless Warrior]

1 Crow [Lifeless Warrior]

3 Tobi [Man of Mystery]

2 Ebizo [Fishing]

1 Naruto [Reliance]

1 Kankuro [Tactician]

1 Salamander [Lifeless Warrior]

2 Hiruko [Impatient]

1 Asuma [For the Next Generation]

1 Chiyo [Retired Master]

1 Father & Mother [Lifeless Warrior]

1 Sasori [Creating the Master Piece]

1 Shikamaru & Asuma [Shogi Match]

Jutsus: 7

3 Wind Scythe Jutsu (BP)

3 Concealed Weapon

1 Secret White Move: Chikimatsu's 10 Puppets

Missions: 10

3 Substitute

3 Entrustment

2 Sasori of the Red Sand

2 Kankuro's Puppet Show

Reinforcement Deck:

3 Shino & Kiba

2 Shikamaru & Asuma

2 Sasori & Deidara

2 Sasori (Puppet Mode)

2 Gaara & Temari

2 Kankuro & Black Ant

1 Naruto & Shion

I was initially surprised when I looked at the list and saw that pretty much every highly played deck of the past got slammed, save for Puppets, which went completely untouched. Regardless, puppets is back and better than ever due so cool new inclusions:

-Hiruko: Now you don't need to flash a puppet onto your team before using an offensive Concealed Weapon! He also forces your opponent to make bad blocks to prevent getting out tempo'd, something puppets already tries to do. and lastly: So yeah, probably poor foresight on Bandai's part, but Kankuro [Trick] can grab Hiruko, making Trick even deadlier than he was before. He also works great with Kankuro & Black ant, letting them lock down a ninja, while Hiruko picks off their teammates.

-Gaara & Temari: One of the problems with Puppets was its lack of high powered ninjas without the assistance of puppets. The new squad not only gives you a powerful effect at the cost of 2 commonly played low drops, but a 7/5 body as well!

-Entrustment: The draw power puppets wished they had before they were rotated is finally in their hands!

-Kankuro's puppet show: I initially thought this card was strictly worse than arbitration, but after Pat kept talking about how good it was I tried it out. I still dislike it in block, but in Unlimited it gives you a lot of sick interactions, such as picking up an Ebizo, then replaying him to pick up a puppet (Also giving you a draw since he is Sand), targeting Temari for draw and other chance at picking off a Jutsu, and picking up a Salamander while having tactician in play, thus giving the card NO draw back. I really like this card in this list, and may even bump it to three if I see fit.

Miroku does a number on this deck, so I would probably side a few Kigiri's, since he is probably the best way of dealing with her, not to mention fits right into the curve of the deck. The Shika/Asuma Package isn't necessary, and it makes the deck a little clunky (seven 1 drops) but I feel like he's too good not to play, especially since it prevents your opponent from just chumping your huge puppet teams until they find an answer.

Check back each week in October as I discuss decks and strategies for the New Unlimited format, and check back tomorrow when I post up the first of our Preview cards for Naruto CCG's set 19 "Paths of Pain"!

-Andrew Photobucket

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
How is this better than say, just mono-water with Vortex? It looks interesting but Unlimited is Unlimited so I doubt most will play the format.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thats an awful decklist for a broken deck, Andrew.

-Puppet Master Pyrot :3

Anonymous Megamarik said...
Carl sucks.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Jank deck

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