Friday, October 15, 2010
The Perfect Curve "Path of Pain" Preview #3- Dat Hitbox

Just like last week, today's preview card from Naruto CCG's set 19 "Path of Pain" is part of an all new combo based Taijutsu deck designed by Mr. Tylar Allinder himself.

So, like most of you, I'm not really sure what to think of the card itself. Without knowing how the combo works, it's very hard to judge this card, especially with it being a super rare. I remember when Just Like That Hero was previewed, and everyone had the same thought "It's either going to be ridiculous, or it will suck." Unfortunately we all know how that ended up, but who's to say that Primary lotus will share the same fate? Speaking of Just like that Hero, Primary lotus does happen to combo with it. Dump your deck, Primary lotus to pick up all your Hurricanes and other jutsus, then play them all and send them to the bottom of your deck so you don't deck out. Obviously this isn't a great strategy now, as there is no real win conditon, but maybe it will incorporate itself into the Taijutsu deck? Tylar was the one who mentioned to me the synergy between Lotus and JLTH. I really would like to talk more about this card, but without knowing what the deck is trying to do, it's hard for me to pass judgement on a card like this. I guess only time will tell how good Primary Lotus will be. Until next time.

-Andrew Photobucket

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