Saturday, October 9, 2010
The Perfect Curve Path of Pain Preview #1- Spamming dat Forward A
When Tylar announced his remodeling of the Taijutsu archetype I was pretty excited, as I have always felt as though Rock Lee received the short end of the stick in the game. Pump based decks in removal heavy formats never really have a chance to shine, and it had been established since the beginning of the game that Taijutsu would be a pump based strategy. I had never thought of changing Taijutsu to be combo based, but now that the idea has been presented, it makes a lot of sense. Unlike Ninjutsu techniques, which are usually powerful one hit attacks, Taijutsu is all about a combination of powerful kicks and punches to beat your opponent.

Anyway, here is our first preview card, as well as the first card of the new Taijutsu combo:

So, not much can really be said about the card by it self, as it IS a combo card and we don't know any of the other pieces, however I wouldn't be surprised if the combo has something to do with Surge. Maybe there will be a Might guy who can be surged multiple times, and whenever he is surged he gains the effect "When this ninja wins a victory or outstanding victory you win 1 Battle Reward" and the combo is basically using a card to get might guys and a leaf hurricane in your discard pile so that you can keep picking up might guys and surging him and win 10 battle rewards in one turn. While I'm sure Tylar came up with something a bit more elegant, all we can do right now is speculate.

Anyway, check back each day for new content including previews twice a week!

-Andrew Photobucket

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Anonymous 8trigramsneji said...
Nice card. Wonder if the combo'll go anything like you said. But if it does require Might Guy I would assume that he'd be a turn 4 or later and on the podcast Tylar said the deck could win as early as turn 2. Either way interesting card.

Blogger Josh said...
If you draw 2 Might Guy [Passions] and 2 of this jutsu I believe it's an infinite power combo.

Maito Gaaiiiiiii

Anonymous Anonymous said...
does this work with Squads or platoons? If it does thatd be pretty amazing. If it lets you pick up all the ninjas with the names on the squad then this card is amazing.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
-Lord Cowman III

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