Thursday, July 22, 2010
Zero Blurb: Getting ready for SJC Pennsylvania!... Sort of.

As most of you know SJC Pennsylvania is this weekend, and Pat and I are doing what we can to set up the best coverage possible at the event (Given that we can't do a live stream without wifi). We hope to get top eight interviews, as well as commentary from some of the players on the current format as well as the upcoming one. SJC Pennsylvania is the first event with the tournament pack legal and is looking to have a pretty big turn out, so be sure to follow us for updates on the event, because you don't want to miss out on any new decks or tech cards before Gencon.

Anyway, I'm currently at Pat's place working on decks and stuff while he is at work. We have Shino's Dad and several of the Connecticut players driving down tonight for the event, so I'm getting ready a bunch of decks for testing, because while we are pretty sure on what we are running, we still need to test out different match ups so we can come up with a balanced and effective sideboard, as well as gain some match up experience so we don't just lose to being ignorant to what our opponent's deck is capable of. For those of you who are also putting together a "Gauntlet" of decks to test against, I would suggest you put together the following:

  1. Respective Dreams Mono Earth (Probably the strongest deck in the format, and certainly one of the most popular)
  2. Aggressive Lightning builds such as Taijutsu or NVS(Lots of card draw to get around hand discard and quick powerful plays)
  3. Generic Monofire with/without Boyhood (Honestly, these are just bound to show up at any event, regardless of the format)
  4. Mono Water or Fire/Water abusing Demon of Cloud Village (While I don't think it's on the same level as the other decks in the format, I do believe there will be many players looking to resurrect the Demon in PA)
  5. Some kind of Mono Wind or Wind/X A New Squad deck (Mass card draw + Powerful Ninja effects)
  6. The anti-meta super hate deck (Iruka [Origin of the Leaf headband, Miroku, Shino [Silence], Ino [Easy going] etc.)
If your deck can't beat most of these lists in testing, I would suggest scrapping it, because even though you do have a sideboard that might increase your match up percentage, your opponent will most likely use his sideboard as well.

Anyway, before I leave you guys and return to sorting cards and stuff I figured I would just put up some pictures I took, as well as a random preview from Fang's of the Snake that none of us feel like writing an article on. Until next time!

This is what real preparation for an event looks like.

Pat's compensation for being the best writer on Bandai.

I went out and bought this for when the Connecticut crew get here, cause Mac & cheese is the greatest playtesting food ever.

so... Bad...

Why yes, yes that is a preview card in that last one! And yes, yes it is inferior to every other version of that card. ~Tsu

-Andrew Photobucket

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