Monday, July 12, 2010
Fangs of the Snake Preview #4 - Gama Gama Gama Gama Gama Chameleon

Before I reveal todays preview card I wanted to remind you all of a card that came out almost four years ago; Sasuke [Flowering Ability] from Curse of the Sand. While this guy never saw a ton of mainstream play, most likely due to his awkward stats for his entrance cost, toppled by the fact that Sasuke [Analysis of Competence] was a staple in every deck during his release, he did however make it into a few decks over the years as a one or a two of due to his unorthodox ability to grab relevant characteristics on the fly. The power to grab a Shikamaru's "Mental power: 4" in or against Mental Power decks was pretty huge, along with grabbing "Jonin" while chump block and using a Water style: Giant Vortex Jutsu, baiting out a response from your opponent, while your big team is safe on the sidelines.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that even though Sasuke [Flowering ability] never defined a format, he still had a purpose, despite how useless his effect may have seemed to most people. Today's preview card is very similar to Sasuke, in that his ability by itself doesn't really do much, but in conjunction with other cards can be awesome. Here is today's preview card from Fangs of the Snake:
Gamatatsu's ability to change elements on the fly might seem a bit underwhelming in comparison to Sasuke's ability to steal Mental Power, Ranks, or Mastery, however Gamatatsu's effect allows him to work very well in the post rotation environment, where many of the Jutsus have additional bonuses if the user shares a Symbol with the Jutsu, such as Expansion Jutsu: Super Slap!, or the new Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu. On top of this, Gamatatsu works really well with the brand new Mechanic revealed today "Combinatation". While he works incredibly well with Wind Style: Toad Flame Bombs, as he can actually play it on turn one, he also works well when he isn't the user, because then he can shift into one of the combination requirements to help you blow out your opponent early. Gamatatsu has a lot of potential, and I hope you guys will give him a chance. Until next time!

-Andrew Photobucket

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