Friday, June 4, 2010
Tournament pack Preview #1

Time for our first Preview:

As you can see, the image I was sent was cut off a bit, but that is in fact Ino [Pressing]! I for one am really happy about this, as Ino is a card I try to fit into just about every deck. She has strong stats, relevant characteristics, and a very helpful effect on an early game ninja. Sure, she isn't busted like another Chibi two drop ninja I know *Cough* Hinata *Cough*, but Ino is a very good card, and one I expect to see more of next format when both Shikamaru [Unwillingness] and Yoroi [Unique Talent] cycle out.

We have two more regular previews (Thanks to Andy), as well as the slow spoil Super rare card (Thanks to Tylar) so be sure to check back next week for more previews, as well as updates on our adventure to Georgia for the Atlanta Shonen Jump Championship. Until Next time!

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Blogger Preston said...
Decent card, should see play post rotation.


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