Monday, June 7, 2010
The Fourth Shonen Jump Promo... Seriously?

Link thanks to theforbidden
... What? So that card is ridiculous. At least you can't recur Narutos to your hand every turn, right? Oh, wait Kakashi [True Allies] does that... And Naruto searches him -_-

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Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
Better stat pool than a turn 6 (Arguably his stats are better than any stat pool in the game), has next to 0 requirements to be put in play, prevents your opponent from Squading or playing their own Naruto if you went first, has Mastery, access to the current best jutsu in Block, compatible with NVS and Group Lesson, Triggers Jiraiya, Squads with Jiraiya (although, why would you ever want to?), and the Kakashi the turn 3 Naruto searches is guaranteed since you needed to essentially search him to put this guy into play anyways.

A turn 5/3, 8/4 Ninja that can put the beats on anything in the game and makes all your Ninja, including himself, invincible if you have Kakashi in play.

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