Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Random Zero Blurbs (4/7/10)

Haven't done a blurb in awhile. I'm currently sitting in school trying to type up an essay for my short stories class, but I figured I would take a break and post up some of my feelings toward some of the things going on in the narutoverse.

Now that Kakuzu (Courtesy of Naruto Shippuden live) and Hidan have been posted up there is a lot of talk on how they will fair in competitive play, and exactly how much they will be going for. I don't actually like Kakuzu, due to how slow he is, how conditional his burn is, and the minor benefit from using his effect on turn 7, though I'm sure he will end up seeing some play, or at worst end up like Obito did in BP.

Hidan I feel has a better chance of seeing play, simply because of his good stats and ability to force an action out of your opponent. Playing around with his curse mode leads me to believe that while it might not be the best deck in the format, it does go off and you do win when it happens, but it's still turn 7 and fragile. I still plan to keep tweaking with cursed mode, but I don't expect it to hit the top tables until post rotation.

Speaking about the current format, how about that Naruto/Hinata squad? There's alot of debate as to if it needs to be banned or not, and while most of you know my opinion, I though I would highlight the opposing arguments, simply to further prove how right I am. Here's a few of the responses as to why Naruto Hinata isn't broken and shouldn't be dealt with:

Naruto Hinata does give the player the upperhand but most players will(should) be smart enough to prepare for the worst and have some early game jutsu in their side decks to get rid of ninja's that can become potential squads.

Yeah, it isn't like NVS where we can side in like six cards and turn off their deck. It's one card, and by siding in card specifically to stop it, you are playing linear answers to one card, so that you can get steam rolled by their deck's actual threats. Not to mention the only answers to it are Shimon, Miroku, and Crying in Vain, one of which is rogued, and another is a turn too late, and the last is only available to water and pretty much just stops one card from happening.

ooooo scary naruto/hinata stops u from deploying for 1 freakin turn if u cant hold off for 1 turn well i guess ur deck needs fixed.

It's a freaking curve based game. Missing drops ALWAYS put's you behind the clock, and this one is done manually, while accelerating into a turn 2 4/3 7/3 ninja with 2 mental power.

Simply create a card that can remove a card in your reinforcement deck of your choosing actually I think there is a counter mission that allows you to draw 2 cards and remove a squad that is put in play from the game and plenty of cards that flat out stop squads from being summoned (shimon). Stop crying that you lose to 1 card and learn from it instead...easy.

Silver bullets are bad, and in every instance of their creation in this game they have either not worked (Control of the Nine-Tailed), or been ridiculous and ruined an aspect of the game (USF Ninjas, Miroku). There is a counter mission that blows up squads, but because it's a counter mission, you can't use it on Naruto/Hinata as it comes in on your opponents turn. Lastly, the only thing I've learned from Naruto/Hinata is that Bandai is even more ignorant when it comes to the impact of missing drops in a curve based game.

So for those of you who are on the fence and haven't really decided where you stand on the issue, all you need to do is look at the different arguments being presented, and it should become obvious to you. Just for the record though, I'm sure all of us would be happy with just an errata on Naruto/Hinata, though that's more retarded and less effective, but as it stands bandai has dug them selves into a hole with this card, and if we want the upcoming SJC season to not completely suck something needs to be done about Naruto/Hinata.

Last thing I wanted to talk about is that I will be transfering schools in the fall and It's quite a trip for me. I'll be going to UB (University at Buffalo) which happens to be 7 hours away from my home town. I haven't had a local store to play at in a long time, so if any one happens to know a store that isn't far I would gladly check it out. I actually don't know anyone going to the school or in the area, so I'm really going to be out on my own, which I think is for the best. I'm looking forward to moving, and hopefully I won't be too busy eating Buffalo wings to update this blog ;)

Until next time,

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
people who don't want naruto/hinata banned either don't understand the game, haven't played a good deck using it, or just like broken formats.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yeah I dont like the squad either. It would be better if it was banned somehow but w.e we are gonna have to deal with it anyways

I don't like doing it but if I have to I will shion their naruto away. Trading 3 BRs for 1 ninja is nowhere near optimal unless its for game. In the long run though keeping your curve alive might actually be worth it

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Shion is probably the best answer out there simply because shes good enough to be in any deck. Its a shot in the nuts having to use her like that but I agree it beats missing your T3 drop/squadings.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the annoying thing about the naysayers is that they will probably use your "strategy" as a reason that Naruto/Hinata doesn't need to be banned.

"Hey look, you can totally shion away their naruto or hinata before they use the squad! Who cares about giving up three battle rewards."

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The 2 reasons why naruto/hinata isn't as broken as some of the other cards:

naru/hina has to be put in play on its own team, allowing the opponent the ability to send a big team and either get brs that turn or OV your teams.

shizune/tonton, esspecially in a female deck isn't affected much by it.

Weather it comes in turn 3 or turn 4, its such a game winning effect that even one turn later isn't enough to overcome it.

But in games between two curve based decks ( water and fire ), its a game winning card.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
If you are stuck with Ton ton + you 1 drop for 2 turns, you are kinda fucked and are gonna lose. Thats a retarded argument.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Tonton doesn't need to be dropped before you platoon it.

And you can have tonton + 2 ninjas, not tonton+1.

tunr 0 tonton, turn 1 whatever, turn 2 whatever, turn 3 skipped.

Against a rush deck obviously you won't last that long, but against a normal curve deck like fire or water its certaintly possible to survive that long.

Let's not forget rules can eat battle rewards too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Let's also not forget that if the opp naru/hina on turn 3, then you can just chump block with tonton and get it injured since you don't need the -1 entrance cost effect anymore.

Anonymous ross134 said...
If you are an effective enough player then you can play around the squad. If you lose because your opponent dropped the squad, then you either screwed up your 0-2 plays or your deck is fair. (Read josh's article about playing fair to understand this)

Like others have said Shion is a pretty effective measure against the squad. Splashable in most decks, and I believe you can chain to the declaration of the squad, but I have to read the card again

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