Thursday, April 1, 2010
The Real final Hidan previews!

I know that there are several of you out there who are upset at Hidan (Cursed mode) being just a Hidan with slightly better stats, but a I've said on the boards, Hidan in cursed mode wasn't any more powerful in the show. In order to become a real threat, he needed to complete his ritual, and it's the same in the card game!

First we gotta draw a circle!

Ritual Circle might not be the best jutsu, but it does grab you the Mission card needed to complete Hidan's "Ritual". I Personally would Just play the new Naruto Starter deck card, as he can not only grab the Ritual mission card, but several other key Lightning missions, making him less linear than the jutsu. Never the less, Ritual circle will still probably make it into the local fun deck versions to keep the flavor of the Hidan deck.

Conditions met!

Yes, you read it right. Every Injured Ninja. Disaster of the 9 tailed fox wipes the board save for Hidan, Sasuke CH triggers a massive wipe, or at least auto kills 1 ninja, heck even New pervy ninjutsu wipes a team! I personally really like these cards and I can't wait to try out the Hidan deck for next format. I want to thank Tylar again for letting us Preview these cards, and for bringing us a cool combo deck that doesn't just lose to a poor board position. I hope you guys liked the previews, and be sure to comment bellow!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Unnecessary use of commas in Ritual? But what can you expect from Bandai.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
you mean quotes, not commas...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
nono, he means commas, and wow, this seems really strong. Hidan is going to be fun =D

Anonymous Anonymous said...
they did a great job with Hidan's abilities translating to cards.

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