Thursday, April 1, 2010
The final Preview for Hidan theme!

So most of you saw our preview of Hidan (Cursed Mode) yesterday and were pretty bummed out. "He's a slightly better regular Hidan" some of you said, "How do you put him in play?" many of you asked. All your questions as to how he comes into play, and exactly what you do with him, will be answered with theses last two preview cards:

First up, HOW to get Hidan into play:
Sick, right? This not only allows you to turn your basic Hidan into a stage 1 Hidan (Cursed Mode) but it also lets you do it the turn he comes into play, so you don't have to wait a turn!

Now, the last piece of the combo:
And you guys wondered why he was fire. His milling effect helps put fire energy in your discard pile for Typhlosion to pick up and attach to Hidan, only without the draw back because Hidan can't die regardless of how many damage counters are put on him!

As you can see the Hidan deck is a clear front runner for the next season of States and Regionals. Thanks Tylar for not only making such a great combo deck, but also letting us here at The Perfect Curve Preview it!

... Just kidding. I hate april fools day, but even I couldn't pass this up. The real previews will be posted in an hour, so check back at 12.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
States is over dumb ass.

Anonymous canti said...
That was rude. It is only over in parts of the US. your post says "april 1,201"

Anonymous Anonymous said...
No, STATES is definitely over.

Last time I checked States =/= April Fools day. But I could be wrong...ohwait im not.

Stick to Dragonball dude...

Anonymous Mike Alpers said...
Can somebody ban this douche bag?

(geektalk): inb4hetellsmetotopaneventforthefiftiethtimebecausethatisthelimitofhisinsultsandintelligenceandheisafuckingmoron

That is all.

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