Friday, March 26, 2010
Well Shit.

So the Naruto starter deck card was previewed just a short while ago and my first thought was "Really?". While he isn't as stupid as other cards we've received in the past like Kankuro, Ino, or even Third Hokage, he is still pretty nuts for what he is. The only real draw back to Naruto is that you cant sub him into his effect, due to the deploy clause, however I don't feel that will stop this guy from showing up on the top tables at SJCs everywhere.

Turn three guaranteed Succeeded Will of Fire is pretty stupid, as is a guaranteed Group lesson, Reunion, or even Entrustment. Naruto also sets up a turn four NVS blowout, and I'm sure other kinds of ridiculous blowouts as well. While it's to early to tell for sure how powerful the naruto is without knowing the rest of the set, I will say that the only thing that might possibly hold this guy back is Naruto/Hinata being such a relevant card in the format right now. Only time will tell.

I'm off to go visit UB for the weekend, so I wont be posting again till sunday night. Until next time.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
The deploy wording is proof they are learning. Subbing a sal into this guy would just be obscene.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
naruto hinata sucks.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
but i have a feeling that set up right you could use naruto to counter naruto (via sealing barrier)

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