Wednesday, March 17, 2010
New rule changes make me smile

Seriously, when I read that there wouldn't be a ninja limit any longer I was ecstatic. The ninja limit never really served any purpose in the US version of the game, and ended up only hindering flexibility and innovation. There are some people on Bandai who happen to be against this change for many reasons. Of those reasons only one of them makes any sense, which is "Tobi just became an auto three of in everything." To that I say Tobi was already a three of in everything, and should not have been made in the first place.

If we are going to prevent the game from further developing because of specific, already over the top cards, then count me out. I mean, not making the game better and more fun to play because one card attains staple status (Though in this case it already was a staple) is just poor mentality, especially in a game that not only rotates out cards, but also has a restricted list for cards that are deemed too powerful (Inbeforetobiisonthenextlist).

One of the other arguments against the change that I read was that having a restriction on what you could put in your deck added more skill because you were forced to play with less ninja than you wanted and needed to make cuts. This argument is completely false, because now that there is no limit, it is up to each individual player to find the perfect balance of Ninja, Jutsu, and Mission cards for their deck through testing and playing with percentages. For those of you masochists players who like making deck building hard for yourself, just pretend that the ninja limit still exists, that way everyone can marvel at how skilled you are.

As for the client ruling change, I'm pretty neutral about it. It seems like a positive change but I'm still waiting for people to flip out because this change makes Genma better, *Gasp*. But seriously, I can only see it doing better things for the game by making people actually want to run multiple clients in a deck... Okay, probably not, but I can dream...

Until next time guys.

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Anonymous Kirby said...
Gemna isn't that great
his effect only kicks if there is no client in play anyways

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I don't agree with tobi being broken enough for the list. Instead I see him as a crappy fix for the inconsistency problems inherent to curve-based games. A problem further increased by the 50 card decks.

I love the changes though. Bigger skill gap in deckbuilding means skilled players get to win more. No reason to encourage lazy deckbuilding with the set ratios. The client thing is nice too because it means I can finally start abusing Karashi without having to give up Michiru.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
I like this because I think it will help out my Leaf Academy next set and I might actually try to run it in a tournament after next set becomes legal. Also nurse Sakura background is pretty freaking HOT! Thanks for that Tsu!!!

Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
No problem. That's the "Easter Egg" background. There was one with Student Sakura and Hinata however I was asked to pull it cause the content might be considered too "racy" for people visiting from Bandai if they stumbled upon it.

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