Thursday, February 25, 2010
Set 17 Will of Fire Info and Pics are up!

Today James Takenaka posted up the set information for the 17th expansion of the NarutoCCG, "Will of Fire"! From the set information (and the pictures) we will for sure be getting Hidan, Kakuzu, as well as a number of other cool cards people have been waiting for, like Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken! Link to this information:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
is this really a big deal?
it's just pics

Blogger Zero said...
Def a big deal. Seeing Art and decks leads to speculation on card effects and all that jazz, which is healthy to keep the community active + The fact that Bandai is pummeling us with information on the set, not even a full week before the release of the 16th set shows that things must be going well. Also the box art is sexy as hell.

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